What to do when the suddenly hate you?

I have been the primary mother figure for my 25 year old niece for a good chunk of her life. My mom has also taken a huge role in mothering her. My niece’s father (my brother) is schizophrenic and has only been on meds once many years ago for a short period of time. He lives in his delusion built world and for the most part is happy there. Over the last three weeks my brilliant and vivacious niece/daughter has become delusional. She has went from being my head planner for my wedding business, my house manager for my autistic son, and my best friend to hating me. She says i tried to poison her with fake antibiotics, i am a narcissist who gaslights her, i am trying to kill my husband, i molested her and her child, my mom drowned her in the bathtub and resurrected her and so i can’t hurt her because she is an angel. on and on. We got a hold to have her examined and treated but they have not located her yet. We have been extremely close best friends and I don’t know why this is all aimed at me. I am terrified this is a first schizophrenic episode. I am worried she will now hate me forever and be stuck in this delusion and its soooo painful. Any suggestions on coping and dealing would be much appreciated.


I am so sorry, I hope they locate your niece soon, she clearly needs medical attention. If this is a first incident of psychosis, there is a chance she can be treated and will not experience another episode. Such a turn around in only 3 weeks. Has anyone noticed any changes prior to 3 weeks ago?

If it is psychosis, you need to make sure she receives treatment specifically aimed at first episodes.

Don’t take it personally, it’s not real and it is way too early to worry about it becoming a long held delusion. Make sure they rule out medical issues, step one is a thorough physical assessment. Don’t let them assume it’s psychiatric.

@QueenBee I’m sorry to hear about the situation and @hope is right - it’s not personal.

Do you have any contact with your niece’s mom - your brother’s (ex)wife? Could she help with the relationship?