Awesome Book - A Spirituality of Caregiving

A Spirituality of Caregiving…

Regardless of the spirit(s) you follow, this book will give you a new perspective of the VALUE of loving and caregiving.

Powerful. Quick read. 1-2 hours max. (My speed!).

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Note: I didn’t write this book! I won’t make a dime if you order it! In fact, I’ll send you a free copy via Amazon! It’s very encouraging for weary caregivers. Highly recommended. Spread the word. :slight_smile:

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Hi Sando
Yes I have read it and I also highly recommend it!


Thank you Sando, currently iam on to podcast, “Inside Schizophrenia” and “three moms in the trenches”, they have been really great to listen to and very helpful, of course there are more out there. Have an awesome week🙌


Thanks for info - just ordered. Take care.

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I love that podcast and have read all three of their books!