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Back to shock - family - not schiz, booze n self harm


Sorry to take over a bit of your forum
I’m schizophrenic. Me and my sister lost a schizophrenic sister, now I’m losing my remaining sibling to alcohol and depression and at this rate probably suicide
Got the ambulance out for her again yesterday, at her room- hadn’t heard from her. Dark pouring with rain car outside got into her room with landlords key and found empty wine bottles and blood tissues all over messy room. She was talking about suicide again the other day, she’s been chronically and acutely suicidal for 2 yrs, alcoholic and having a major mental breakdown with abuse memories surfacing
Christmas is on the way again. We’re going to a holiday cottage with my mum for 2 weeks, which generally ends up with Clare abusing everyone while drunk
I don’t know how to help her, in other words I’m doing nothing. How to help ? Other than let her stay when she wants to. Even then she just wants a room to lie down in
She doesn’t recognise being alcoholic


I’m sorry your sister is going through this, and I’m sorry you’re going through this. When my dad, who was an alcoholic, started to give up on life we hospitalized him and he got sober for a few months and then went back on it, eventually dying of a heart attack. I have no solutions to your problem, the best I can say is stick with her even if its painful for you, she needs someone by her side with love. I made the mistake of being selfish with my father and eventually stopped talking to him, now I regret that. So this is my only advice.

Again, I’m sorry. It’s terrible to go through this.


Hi Minnii, thanks for your post.

Sorry you and your family has also been through it.
I have got more distant from her and this is something that i will take your advice on.



There’s not much you can do for someone who is hell bent on destroying their life unless you can prove that they are a danger to themselves or others and get them committed against their will.

Perhaps you can talk her into going into rehab somehow? It sounds like a real tough situation.

A year and a half ago, I was a suicidal alcoholic and the only thing that stopped my self destructive streak was when I accidentally OD’d on vodka and sleeping pills and seeing how much pain I caused my family.

Helping someone find the will to live again is a very difficult.

Anyways, Good luck! You sound like a good sister!


Thanks for posting
We got her into rehab a couple of times… She still thinks that they said to her that she is not an alcoholic

Committed to be sectioned is difficult…

The ambulance guy couldn’t even do it when she had overdosed On amnesia causing sleeping pills she got off the Internet and alcohol which reacts with them and had to be injected to bring her round

She really isn’t interested in the mental health or otherwise authorities…


**Sorry @CloudDog
If you and your family are unable to get her into the hospital after being suicidal?? ~!@#$
I don`t know if you can help her if that is the case! However,if she is toxic to you-do not feel bad about having to back off at times. I know that this kind of thing can pull you down with it. Take care of yourself also.
The hospital should have a case manager that would go to court and have her committed… **


she is lucky to have a sister like you…:angel:
take care :alien: