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What do i do? How do i help her?

I have just had a very bad night. I called the ambulance on my sister in her new place where she is in a shared house - to attempt to get personal space, independence, a bit of etc. etc. after living at my mum’s for two years, suicidal and in a different city and having a breakdown. She’s not schizophrenic, but i am and our sister was.

I have just made things harder for her - more shameful - more difficult and shaming. I hope that her excuse to her house mates that i call the ambulance every ten minutes on her and that i am the crazy one will help.

She has been having a breakdown suicidal depression and alcoholism for 2 years (alcoholic much longer.)

She is on her own all the time and unreachable in conversation. Pathetically i have Aspergers as well as sz so i have even more difficulty there. I literally struggle with my social skills and she has saved my life in the past by calling an ambulance for me

previously have found her unrousable after sleeping pills which cause amnesia through the internet, mixed with alcohol,

Found her room yesterday full of blood tissues from extreme self injury and empty bottles of wine everywhere

she has no friends, (one in london four hours away) no work / hobbies seem to only include exercising and dieting while drunk

she has recently been going on a maple syrup cayenne pepper and lemon juice fast… proving she is taking less good care of herself (protein needs / vitamins / veg - normally taken care of by low carb healthy apart from drink living

She’s 37 and i feel like i want to just go and sit with her but she doesn’t want me - or when i thought she didn’t want me and did - i wasn’t there

I could have gone swimming with her a lot at one point but i got so involved with myself - i had to treat a mole on my face with chemo cream and wasn’t allowed to swim

everything from not believing her about recovered abuse memories, our father and a pedophile ring - when she remembered she was talking about past lives and seven blond children being burned in a barn etc.

I’ve just done nothing I’m so incompotent.

how do i help her?

Uh…that sounds too much for you to handle alone! I’m so sorry…I understand that you love your sister and that you feel guilty for not being able to fix her problems instead of her. You know you can’t do it, right?
I could only suggest you to talk with her about AA or therapy - her addiction seems to hit the level where she must be supervised and controlled.

But there is also another truth: you really can’t save anyone. You can only be there whenever she decides to change.

Thanks Sarad,

I’m going to a group tonight at 6.30pm
others there are in the same situation I haven’t been for ages and I’ve only been once, things get acute on and off

Ok good luck! I wish I have some solution. :unamused: