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Sister overdosed moderately yesterday


My sister has alcoholic psychosis on and off for the last 2 years, having a breakdown all that time
Yesterday we called an ambulance
The paramedic injected her, checked her over, made sure she was okay then left
She doesn’t remember any of it, getting some cold mash from the fridge and switching rooms to my bed, then becoming impossible to rouse and talking to the paramedic for 45 mins
I’ve re joined AA now myself because I just want to make sure I don’t end up going down the same route myself
She’s been suicidal both chronically and acutely for 2 years
Al anon would have me not letting her drink in my house
That would put my mum under too much stress as her only caregiver who spends most of her life trying to keep both of us safe
She just wants oblivion


Sounds like all three of you have some healing to do. It’s a good idea on the AA but think that’s just a place to start.


Dream, I find AA better than Al Anon, just for me, I prefer it
She needs professional help
But she doesn’t want help


Sometimes all you can do is take the lead. Hopefully it’ll be what tips the balance of her getting help when she sees you doing just that. Might even bring you two together more.


Dream, she thinks I’m stupid to go AA because I hardly drink
I’m not really leading the way I’m protecting my future and having friends around me
Had one shot of gin yesterday felt amazing
First relief in days
5 shots the last time I only wanted to have one
Edgy jumping up and down, bingeing on sugar
Just want to be off stuff that makes me obsess or crave


Sometimes it is hard to see the ones we love in so much pain, take a deep breath, she is lucky to have you.