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Been awhile.......update


Well its been awhile, but things have been getting better here…Still have not found a place for my son,but for now he is not pushing the issue…The rocking has almost stopped and he does things for me that he was not doing before…We both joined weight watchers and he has lost 30 pounds and well me 14…We have fun cooking together…He is not well not at all but when I look back to the days when I was afraid of him…YES we have came a long way…Looking forward to better days to come


I am SO glad for both of you!
Enjoy these calm times. I hope you find a good place for him to live.


See? There’s always hope.
Congratulations on his progress and congratulations on losing weight. I just lost 35 lbs in the last several months.


Yeah, there are an infinite amount of recipes online. Have you tried cooking international dinners yet? Plenty of recipes for Mexican Food, Chinese food, Italian food etc.


Thank you for the update Kathy. I’m glad the rocking has stopped. Congrats on the weight lose.


no but I will check it out…thanks


This is good news. Cooking and eating well has really helped my son too. He has got into eating lots of vegetables and whole grains and fish, etc. It’s really improved his mood and health. He also gets recipes off YouTube and the internet. Apart from the direct benefit of eating well, I think the cooking has helped him with planning and completing tasks and given him back some self confidence. Actually, his cooking is better than mine now. I told him I need to “up my game” a bit!

Also, cooking is a nice neutral topic for social conversations - at least in my extended family.

I hope its the beginning of recovery for your son.


thanks so much…hope things are good with you too


Well as things go nothing good last for long…I believe my son has stopped his med…He is sleeping all day and up all night…I will have to find a way to get to his meds when he goes out…soon I hope…keep me in your prayers…Can’t put my finger on it but there is a change in route,


I’m sorry Kathy… Keeping you and your son in my thoughts. :purple_heart:


well he is slowly coming around he went this morning and bought me breakfast,he also said he wanted to get his sleeping back to sleeping at night and up during the day, I replied with I miss you…he smiled…