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Choosing my battles

I was expecting a long term process of me doing the cleaning in my sons apt and then hoping he would eventually agree to accept someone else coming in to clean. Yesterday he let someone clean his place to the point of no moldy food in fridge, dishes done etc. I could not believe it! So, I took him out to his fav fast food for supper without any thought of shower or clean clothes. I can hardly believe it.

It came about with pressure from his team plus him stating he cant do it and then accepting help. Oh my Cod (codfish from East coast saying) I’m doing the happy dance.

He has been enjoying family meals from his childhood which he has not had for some time and learning how to cook them. One of his goals he has is cooking because he likes to cook. I have done most cooking but preparing freezer meals for him to fill his freezer. Food security is another issue for him.

I also spent time talking about examples from my life concerning my friends and family members about the difficulties of finding housing and how lucky he is to have a 2 bedroom apt for a very affordable price and he should treat it like his palace and enjoy it.

I’m also feeling so much better that I’m not feeling so distressed about it all. Thank goodness for my antidepressant so I can find some pleasure in life again.

Wishing everyone the best in their struggles!


Congratulations. I’m so glad your son accepted help from you.

I’m doing the happy Cod dance for you both.

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Wow, lots of good changes! I’m happy for you both.

Thank you @oldladyblue and @Itsastruggle ! Sometimes it really is the little things that can make a difference in our lives.

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Yes little things can be amazing…