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Been doing some research on homocysteine levels and possible link to SZ since hub's drs appt on Monday

Since hubs had his appt on Monday and we learned his homocysteine level were “alarmingly high” and his psych said this COULD have SOME effect on his SZ (most likely not alot, but may have SOME effect) and B12 and folate supplementation could help, I’ve been doing some research on it. I’ve found a ton on risk for heart dz, stroke, and possible link to future Alzheimers and some link to SZ. Thought I’d share the info on SZ:

These are just a few things I found on the subject of high homocysteine levels and SZ. I totally understand that NONE of these studies show that the levels CAUSE SZ, but show a possible association to mental illness. If supplementation with B12 and folate can help, even a smallest bit, and my husband IS willing to take vitamins (which he isn’t willing to try different meds to find what works) then it’s worth it to try. I know its no panacea or a miracle cure and I’m not counting on him waking up without SZ, but if it can help some, then I’m willing to put some hope in these studies. My husband thinks they’re BS, which maybe they r, but he thinks alot of stuff is BS, including the fact that he has a mental illness, and that any meds can help him at all.

WOuldn’t it be great if it’s as easy as a few vitamins? A girl can dream, can’t she?



Article below showing very positive changes for schizophrenia patients who cannot process folic acid
and take 15 mg l-methylfolate. It turns out my daughter lacks genes from both sides for processing folic acid. Taking Deplin a medical food…
“In conclusion, l-methylfolate supplementation was associated with salutary physiological changes and selective symptomatic improvement in this study of schizophrenia patients, warranting larger clinical trials.”

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