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Hubs drs appt: Increased homosysteine? Anyone heard o it possibly causing psychosis?

So…of course he was totally normal (except for occasionally showing his whole “I would discuss this with all of u but none of u are equipped to understand what I do” and “Someday maybe you’ll understand what I see and know and then we’ll live together forever and not argue about this anymore”) and said that I was blowing his paranoia totally out of proportion (and I was being super kind in my talking about it, not wanting to throw him under the bus.

Anyway, his dr had done some bloodwork (his Depakote level was perfect as was most everything else) but what was different was his Homocysteine level. It was ridiculously high. She said it could be a precursor for early Alzheimers or dementia and sometimes psychosis. What? She recommended a high dose of B12 be started today. She also increased his Depakote (its’ working for what it was intended for, for his violent outbursts, he’s only had 1 since it was started last month) but his bizarre behavior and thoughts are just as bad and sometimes even worse but he refused to try anything else. He says the same things everytime “There’s nothing wrong with me. It’s real and no one believes me. No medication will help something thats real”

If this is something as simple as a high homocysteine level causing psychosis, wouldn’t that be fantastic? I’m not holding too much hope in it but I’m going to pray the B12 works some. If it at least helps, that would be great. He’s willing to do vitamins that he’s heard of (none that he’s not heard of, thinking someone is trying to trick him by sneaking meds in on him). A high level also is a precursor for heart dz and strokes so thats also bad news. He eats fairly healthy and has good bp and no family history of heart dz so hopefully thats not going to happen. I’m also a little nervous about the possible Alzheimers but u can’t go thru life worried about tomorrow I guess. But if this is the key to his psychosis, that would be fantastic!

I would advise everyone with a new diagnosis to get ur loved one a quick homosysteine blood test, just in case. It’s probly rare that thats whats causing problems, but u just never know. I will keep u updates on how the B12 supplementation is going!


B12 certainly could help.

I think it’s too big of a leap to link homocysteine levels w Alzheimer’s risk. That said, B12 couldn’t hurt.

Yeah, I know. And he thinks its BS also, but he’s also the one that quit using most types of deoderant becuz of its link to Alzheimers so I had to remind him of this. “Ok, u stopped using most deoderants cuz u thought they for sure caused Alzheimers but u think this is for sure BS?”

Anyway, I bought him a bottle of Mens over 50 multis and a bottle of B12’s while I was out today. Can’t hurt. U never know what he will accept nd what he won’t. Vits he’s heard of he’ll take, ones he hasn’t heard of “we’re trying to trick him” and he won’t try. B12 is easy peasy