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Being schizophrenic shouldn’t make you do evil things

I’m 6 months pregnant my boyfriend and I have been broken up but living together (not sleeping together ) . I’ve been trying to help him prepare for the baby . I’ll admit I’ve been hard on him the last month only because I want him to concentrate on being mentally healthy for our Child, but today I had the last straw. A friend of mines told me he was walking to gas stations at night begging people for money to buy cigerettes and to also support his marijuana habit ! I’m 6 months pregnant and I work everyday ! I came home and told him he had to go and live back with his mom . Mentally I cannot take it anymore , he puts his addiction above everything . Not only is he shizofrenic but he was recovering from spice addiction , but he tried to smoke weed to help his nerves . But hearing he was sneaking out the house doing that at night made me feel like I failed . I have young kids in the house and I’m just not mentally able to help him anymore ! We have cell phones on the same plan , he called and reported my cell phone stolen ! Out of spite ! I am so angry I’m pregnant with kids and I payed the phone bills ! Why would you report my phone stolen ! It’s just too much for me to deal with

I hope that he complies easily with your wishes. You need to take care of yourself and the new child inside you.

Schizophrenia is such a terrible illness.

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Yes so true ! He left half of his clothes and I’m like dude , you need to take your stuff he left his meds ! He said he dosent want them , you know it’s always a guilt feeling because you have to put your foot down. But I know in the end I’m doing what’s best for the kids

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This illness causes our loved ones to do things beyond any logic. You do need to take care of your children and the new one on the way. Having him leave may give you a different type of anxiety, but it gives you a chance to focus on your pregnancy. Last week I saw my son on the side of the road begging money for cigarettes and pot. He lived on the street on and off and I know he begs, but actually seeing him breaks my heart. Their addictions dictate their life most of the time. Hang in there, my heart goes out to you.

You’re right , no matter how hard I pushed it’s like he would do good for a week and then revert back to old ways . Then his family attack’s me and says I’m pushing him to hard and he is not ready , and that’s fine but he cannot co habitat with me and my kids without a positive attitude

Hi Dracc,
No, I think some people are just evil and that’s it. There are nice schizophrenics and there are evil ones, just like there are nice people and evil people in life. I firmly believe, that my sister is evil. Period. It’s hard to take, especially if they’ve got some sort of mental illness. I used to think the best of everyone, and I mean everyone. Then one day a girl I hung around with said to me, “Why do you give everyone the by-ball? Some people are just evil.” I now know what she means. Good luck with your baby etc. I wish you strength.

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I’ll buy that… yep…

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the disease and behavioral issues or blame everything on the disease. I hope he gets the help he needs and you are in a safe place.