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Better after hospitalization

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My son is home after two weeks in a psychiatric facility. I’m so glad that I didn’t opt to release him early. He has improved so much since being on the medications, depakote and zyprexa. Our challenge now is keeping him on the meds! Any ideas you can share that have helped??

Must read is the book “I Am Not Sick; I Don’t Need Help”. You can get a good idea what it is about by looking at the website. This is a worthy method to help convince ANYONE to do what you want but not because YOU want them to, rather for reasons that The PERSON wants.


Some ideas…

Continually tell him how much better (less scared, less anxious, more relaxed, happier, etc) he seems now that he’s on meds. Tell him “everyone” sees a big difference and is so happy for him. Drive this idea home.

Continually tell him taking his meds will help him to not have to go back to the hospital again. Be careful though because you don’t want to make it seem like a hospitalization is a bad thing or a punishment. Hopefully, he’ll learn to view hospitalizations as a “safe place” for when things get rough.


Thank you so much! I will definitely
Check it out.

Good advice! Appreciate it.