Feeling down...family is too distant

I live my life without hardly hearing from my family. I’ll be 53 next week and I guess I just wish we were closer. My mom is supposed to come over next week so it’s not so bad…just today I’m feeling down because other than seeing my mom, my family is never there.

I know how you feel @jukebox. I have a whole side of my family I don’t even see and they live just the next town over in Valdosta

What day is your birthday? I enjoy my birthday more than any other day, so I certainly understand your dismay. At least you get to see your mom! :smiley:

I have hit the stage where I hate my birthday. Nother fucking year older.

Next thursday…day after taxes…how did I get to be so freaking old ???

You wanted to take multiple trips around the sun. :smile:

Well juke. You’re an awesome guy and I’m sure they love you.

My family is pretty spread out at this point. One of my sisters is going to be in town for a few days this week though.

Anyways I just turned down the chance to have lunch with a bunch of folks from my extended family.

Takes me a couple hours to build the motivation to submit myself to a symptomatic state. Besides I don’t have much to say to those folk. I’d just end up sitting/standing there.

You can always text them. Just ask them how they’re doing and show them you care. They might reciprocate.