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Boundaries crossed, don’t know what to do…

My husband has been yelling obscenities again. I don’t know what to do. It is making me depressed, and I end up sleeping all day. He needs to tell his psychiatrist about this and get on more medication, but he won’t because he says it makes him too sedated. Then he says he was upset because we are out of cigarettes and are out of money. He cares more about himself than he does me. I just have to put my foot down and tell him to get the hell out of my life until he sees his psychiatrist and tells him the truth. Jerk.

I’m sorry you are going through this… just know that you are not alone. Do you have direct communication with his treatment team? Maybe you can leave a message or a send an email with an update? I know this is extremely stressful as the caregiver and at times when you are knee deep in it its hard to remember that what you are seeing is are symptoms of his illness, not his rational self. Hang in there. Take it one day at a time and MOST importantly make sure to take care of your self! Self Care is extremely important for your wellbeing.

My son has SZ, was diagnosed in Dec 2020 so it’s all kind of new to us but I’ve been reading all different books to try to help him, to advocate for him and understand him/his illness. It’s not easy, it’s an uphill battle but I have direct contact with his treatment team and I coordinate all his care.

Hang in there! Here if you need to talk.