Breach of privacy?

My wife who I have been with for 28 yrs recently was diagnosed and is currently in a unit involuntarily. Before going in she left many messages on Facebook telling friends and relatives they were hurters of children and animals. I have sought solice in family members and friends but one of her relatives believes I am breaching her privacy by posting likes for schizophrenia sites etc on my Facebook. Just wondering about people’s thoughts?

First off, and please don’t take offense, but I can’t stand Facebook. It’s so very horrid. As far as privacy… What privacy is there on Facebook? Isn’t no privacy the point of Facebook?

But my feelings aside, it’s your personal page. Your not posting details on your fb or even her fb. Your just putting a “like” on resources. It’s sad they have a problem with that. Knowledge and the continuation of knowledge and well informed resources can help a lot of people. You could say your doing this to promote correct information and break the stereotype.

If they don’t like what your saying on your own page, why to do they keep looking at it? I’m sorry but everything about Facebook confuses me.

Your posts are only public if you let them be you can set it so only friends see your posts. So long as you don’t get into the trap of thinking the number of friends defines your worth as a person then it’s not that bad.

Thanks, I only have very few people on there and basically they are family and friends who already know, I didn’t link it to her at all. I am coming to the thought that it may embarrass him more than anything. The thing I liked this time was the Stanford lecture which I really thought was informative.

I don’t like Facebook, I only use it to chat with relatives who r away, or if I wanted to share a photo I liked or something like that…I only use it if I want to fame some part of my life to the public…I don’t share my life secrets anymore, it’s too much, people don’t ave mercy on you, they simply judge.

It’s hard to find a balance between your own right of self expression and taking into consideration the privacy of your loved one. Recently my Facebook has become as much a tool for me in furthering mental health awareness as anything else that I use. My privacy settings are not set to public but friends only. Although I have over 400 friends. Not real life friends… I’m an Elvis Presley fan so a lot of have to do with the Elvis community. Then there’s people from the job I worked at for over 9 years then family and friends or people I went to school with.

I blog and write a lot about my journey with my son. I never reference him by name. It’s always my son… If anyone responds to my posts with his name then I delete the response. As I said it’s hard to find that balance as to what is appropriate. My son knows that I blog and am writing about our journey so that helps.

If anyone feels like they don’t want to follow me or see my posts on mental health awareness they are free to un-friend me :smile: