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Negative social media use

Hello everyone
Does anyone know if there is a way to contact Facebook / Instagram out of concern for a family member currently hospitalized and unwell ( restarting antiphsycotic medication ) for posting offensive and vulgar comments while being unwell?
I am so stressed about this. He is also sharing videos of his room, himself and the hallways of the hospital. And stating that he is being wrongly held against his will and being given medication injections against his will.
He believes (delusional, false fixed belief) that I gave him drugs and that’s why he is in hospital. And has posted this on social media.
If anyone has any experience with this is appreciate any advice
Thank you

It is surprising to me that someone on an involuntary psychiatric hold would be allowed any access to electronic devices. Taking photos inside the facility (which might include other patients) also seems like a big no-no. I’d think that you would have an easier time having the hospital restrict his access than trying to talk to someone at Facebook.


Thanks for your reply.
He is allowed his cell phone and the hospital has internet as long as he isn’t in seclusion.
He videos are in his own room or of the hallway floor basically - no one else in video. I think he realizes that would get his phone taken away. So technically be isn’t breaking any rules.
I’ll keep in contact with them about the content in his social media posts.
Thank you

Hi, i
I am also really surprised he’s allowed a phone. Not one hospital that my son was ever in would allow that.
But, to answer your question, there are a couple ways to select his accounts. But since he has his phone, he will just make another account. I called Facebook, explained the situation, and they took down his account. I hope this helps. Good luck


Thanks Cher
How did u get a phone number for Facebook?
Or can you pass it along to me ?

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