Family and Caregiver Schizophrenia Discussion Forum

Can I be allowed back on the schizophrenia forums?

I got kicked out for life for posting something dumb and I was feeling psychotic at the time and I feel better now. And I feel the moderators misinterpreted what I said. I understand if it’s a “no” but I’ve been a helpful and supportive member there for a while now and I miss the friends I made.


This forum is for caregivers of ill friends and family, are you sure this is the right site? Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I hope you get reacquainted with those you miss.

Yes they banned me because I said I thought younger guys were “my type”. I meant that I liked gen z guys, not that I wanted to date teenagers. In fact I meant college age or over gen z guys. But, they banned me for life for pedophillac comments. I dated millennials before but they never work out, and I don’t see why anyone would take it personally. I also only date East Asian is Southeast Asian guys and somehow the white guy I mentioned it to at support group found it offensive. In fact my grandma is pure Hakka which means her parents were from a small Hakka village in the Canton area that’s been walled and hidden from the rest of the world for at least the past few centuries. We don’t know the whereabouts of the exact village but I’ve seen photos of one enclave from my uncle and once you’re out, you’re pretty much never allowed to go back in so I’m very rare… also I posted strange stuff to the website while I was psychotic but I’m not psychotic anymore. But, nonetheless I’m forever banned from the schizophrenia consumer’s forum.

That’s a lot of unexpected personal information. It’s important to remember the purpose of this particular support group. It is meant to support those of us who are taking care of friends or loved ones who have schizophrenia and to share our experiences concerning care giving and coping.

There are a few people in this group who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and may or may not care for others with the illness but they are stable enough themselves to offer some really helpful insights into the illness and that in turn can be quite helpful for us caregivers. I for one appreciate that kind of insight.

If you feel stable enough to offer helpful insights into your illness or if you are caring for another person with mental illness, I am sure that the moderators would see that value as would the members here.

Talking personally about dating or personal genealogy is not really relevant to this particular group unless it pertains in some way to your illness and how you are trying to cope with it or if it pertains to somebody you are caring for that is ill. I hope that makes sense.

PS: I think there is also a way to ask a SzAdmin a question on here by clicking on the “contact us” heading and maybe they can help you further.