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Has Anyone Viewed the Other Schizophrenia Forum

Hello, caregivers and enduring family members, I am a voice hearer for some 16 years and only just recently started to seeking a supportive online network due to being isolated within my immediate environment and being subjected to mobbing, group gaslighting, and being sent to Coventry.

I have never been that interested in the normal social media platforms as a victim of bullying within my life so had no interest within the online world of Facebook and Twitter.
So, I was naive about aspects of online culture such as being mobbed, bait & switched, banned, and mocked, though I did a little volunteering within an NGO a few years back.

I was wondering if any of you had similar experiences or noticed any abuses taking place upon what is supposed to assist and support people who hear ‘voices’ or give an open space to share accounts or noticeable symptoms experiences.

Or if any of your family members have had negative experiences upon this site, as there are readable post where abuse can be visible.

I thank you for taking the time to read my post.


My impression is that people on the diagnosed forum are mostly very kind and supportive. I think the rules are pretty strict and the admins enforce them. Mostly I am on the caregivers forum, which is also a really supportive place. I hope you find this website a good place!

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It’s been a long time since I’ve frequented the DX forum. People are generally helpful and receptive, but with any forum differences of opinions happen and can become heated occasionally, but moderators and peers step in to keep things under control. Similar incidents happen in this forum from time to time, but more rarely.

Since even recovered people with SZ and SZA are delusional from time to time, it’s important to keep an open mind to explanations beyond your experience and not jump to the conclusion that people are intentionally mobbing or gaslighting you. They may be just be attempting to help, but going about it in unhelpful (to you) ways. My experience is people with SZ can be adept at recognizing symptoms in others, yet can be blind to their own. While I’m not suggesting this was the case in your IRL experience, if you go into any forum searching for signs of bullying or gaslighting, you may find some that others don’t or won’t believe exists.

Broad possibly delusional manifestos tend to get a chilly reception. I’d recommend lurking for a while, and replying briefly and relevantly to existing active threads when you feel comfortable with the group.


I enrolled on the “medicines” forum some time ago, and got banned from it. I guess I said something wrong or caregivers aren’t supposed to be on that forum, I honestly don’t know. At that time I wanted to talk to some people who were using Haldol.