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Can I please post this in diagnosed and family's ? I'm not sure if I'm bering silly 100%

Ok so
Our middle sister was schizophrenic… She died in an accident after 12 years of unremitting psychosis
I’m schizophrenic, mY illness has been in remission for ten years
My younger sister is 38, unattached, history of abuse and substance misuse and has spent 2 or nearl 3 years In a suicidal Depression
She has been improved for the last few weeks and isplanningto move house as soon as she gets back from a holiday on a Greek island
This islands Is Sanatoriani. Sorry on iPhone
The island is named after saint irene She is Peace To her Fellows purity and love
My sister has talked about walking into the sea with stones in her pocket But this was a few months ago

She has been so unwell, severely acute and chronic suicidal ideation
Making pLANs and improving are signals of imminant suicide

I don’t kNow what to say to her but I found myself looking up the mythology of the island
Part of me is sick and tired, but I’m in so much pain saying that
Unless she quits drink she will have no life AnywaY
I always knew harrie was love, I purity but I didn’t know Clare was peace if that makes drug addled sense years ago. We are all childless

Well, I don’t think the name of the island has anything to do with anything. I think that’s what they call a ‘loose association’ and you are thinking that way because her suicide threats are making you super-stressed.

The thing I would ask is: is she on her own on holiday? Is she with a friend that you can contact or warn? Is she in a hotel? Can you persuade her to see a doctor? The hotel can call one.

I know that horrible feeling when a loved one is showing suicidal ideation. It is horrible. But the best thing is to try to do something practical, not just let your mind churn.

Call her. Tell her you love her and either persuade her to see a doctor or to come home. Or both, if you can. Can you call her on Skype or FaceTime? Actually seeing her may help you both.

BTW, you have sz but you are also ‘family’ and ‘carer’ so of course you can post here.

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I think you should trust your instincts on this and contact someone where she is at to check on her and make sure she is ok if she has been suicidal before she could be suicidal again

even if she has made plans and thats a positive sign things could have changed and it wont hurt to have someone check on her to make sure shes ok there is something that concerned you enough to post and you have known her for the last 38 years and if you feel like something is wrong have someone check on her