Caregiving and Alzheimer's

since lack of acetycholine in the brain is responsible for both Alzheimer’s and it appears Sz, I was reading up on Alz, and I was amazed at the depressing outlook for caregiverh health for people with Alzheimer’s disease, so I thought I’d share it here

I work with Alzheimer’s residents all day for years. I could not believe my child has schizophrenia. It has a lot in vommon

I helped take care of my dad who had Alzheimer and lived at home with my mom…we buried him last year.

Being a caregiver for people with alcohol dementia made me psychotic.

I think it did for me too, my dad was like that, that’s when I became sick, my dad was 88 but died of alcohol related failure to thrive, most ugly thing I ever saw, would not want to die like that. he literally starved infront of our eyes, he became a skeleton and his chest just caved in

I have followed one Alzheimer person closely for few years. Three years ago this person was able to go to a store and purchase items, but his condition became worse as years passed and today people have to assist him when he tries to walk. He used to be able to sit on a chair properly and then rise to walk, but today he must be assisted in every little task. He used to talk, but today he can not say much. Basically he just sits and stares without any reactions. Alzheimer is a terrible disease and I never would like to have that. It is told that it runs in the family as sz does, thankfully in my family there are no AD cases.

They can eat and lose weight. Most people with Alzheimer’s lose weight. It is hard for a caregiver to give 24 hour care. It is hard for the family