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My best friend Matt just lost his father to Alzheimer's


I don’t know what I will do when my parents pass away. My mom and me are super close. I have a very estranged, but friendly relationship with my dad.

Anyways, Matt was very supportive and helped his mom at their house to handle his dad’s journey to death on Alzheimer’s. He has a non identical twin brother that I am just as close to and Bob has depression and a drinking problem. It was very very hard on Bob.


My mom has always had bad health, I dread the time she passes away too. Her mother had Alzheimer’s, and my mom gets a little confused sometimes. I feel really bad for her. It’s good that you are close to your mom. I was close to my dad and I have a fair relationship with my mom. I call her at least once a week just to talk.


im so afraid of alzheimers. its the worse way to die. i tested my genes at 23andme and had the gene for it. ever since then been trying to forget that i might die such a torturous death


The main reason I still smoke pot is because it prevents Alzheimer’s. I am sorry you have to worry about it. I’m pretty sure I’m a candidate too just from being schizophrenic? read that somewhere.


I did promethease. For alzheimers/dementia It said

Magnitude: 2
Frequency: 38.9%
increased dementia risk Increased risk of frontotemporal dementia, alzheimer’s disease and parkinson’s disease.

Magnitude: 2
Frequency: 44.2%
Faster aging. Increased risk for Dementia. Less good cholesterol. This reduces HDL (‘good’) cholesterol. HDL cholesterol removes cholesterol from artery walls and improves health. This SNP seems to be associated with higher blood pressure, less longevity, and more diseases of aging, in particular memory decline and dementia, and lower odds of living to 100, especially in Ashkenazi Jews. Attempting to raise HDL cholesterol may (or may not) be useful to mitigate the effects of this SNP.

Magnitude: 1.5
Frequency: 25.9%
A allele associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s in Chinese Han population.

Frequency: 11.5%
0.86x risk for Alzheimers

Frequency: 44.6%
possibly increased risk for Alzheimers

There were 58 Alzheimer’s snps in all. Of those that gave a risk most were average or normal.

From the family history I know it’s definitely not a familial thing.


i just remember having to agree that i was ready for the news seperately than other diseases, and it said i had two genes that effect. i youtubed how alzheimers worked and my heart sank, it felt like a gaurantee that id die a slow suffering death if i live into old age. for now im going to just play stupid and say its not a gaurantee, but i will certainly be watching developments of cures and stuff


I think most of us carry variants of genes that put us both at lower and higher risk of dementia. .



For information on the “death with dignity” movement in the USA, go to


lol i think for now ill appreciate im alive and happy. a lot can happen in forty years and i hope theyf ind s cure for it by then. too young to worry about it now


Sorry Jukebox…


Sorry Jukebox. I dread that day…my parents are all I really have besides my husband and we are very close. Just thinking about it kills me on the inside. Just seeing them suffer in anyway…especially now with my dad does a number on me.
Losing people just straight out sucks but I have to believe that there is something better up there…no suffering at all.
Thoughts and prayers to your friend…and you too!!


You gotta believe that they are doing good wherever they are for yourself to do good also.

God is taking care of them so it’s time for you to move on and prosper.


sorry man :heart:
take care :alien:


My mom died of Alzheimer’s last year. There’s a good chance I’ll get it too. They’re working hard for a cure for Alzheimer’s because it takes up so many resources to care for its victims. I’m not real happy with the idea of a long, slow death. I don’t think my mom suffered too much from this disease. She didn’t get mean, or depressed from it.