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Catching up since last time


So I posted a few weeks ago about my fiance and being hospitalized while I’m on deployment. So she was discharged quit and meds the next day. She was stable for a week then tripped again. Anyway she went to the hospital by herself and saw a few docs. They gave her Risperidone and zolaft again. This time she has given up fighting meds. She has been going to out patient and being compliant hoping to get the 4 month shot. But it’s been a week without breaking from her meds and she is still dealing with a psycotic episode. Not only that but she herself is trying so hard and only getting a few hours a day relief. Meanwhile I am in the midst of some sortbof episode. My mother and brother both are manic and I have not slept in days. Can’t help that I’m drinking a bottle of booze a day. Anyway trying to keep the faith. Feel so.bad for her
She is hard and I’m not there.


It sounds like she’s trying to get better and put in some effort. Try to take care of yourself too, your health is just as important.


It will take many weeks for the medicine to work fully.

Thank you for updating.


In ‘keeping the faith’ please care as much for yourself as you wish to care for your loved ones. When the time comes that you can “be there” you will want to be as strong and healthy as you can be.