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Fiancé recently got out of the hospital


He’s on Seroquel. He wants to continue publishing things, he thinks he cured cancer. He’s just ridiculing himself and hurting himself in the process, he even told me to delete one of the accounts whilst in the hospital and now he wants to reopen it. I’m too depressed because he’s obsessed with it. I don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t stand to see him breakdown again over it. He’s starting to hear voices about killing himself or not killing himself again. He’s afraid of dying in an accident on the street since he keeps jaywalking, but says he would die for this cause since it is his life’s work. I don’t know how to cope with this any longer. I think I just want to die.


I’m so sorry. In my opinion, It doesn’t sound like he is stable if he is having command hallucinations like that. Is he taking his meds? Any chance of getting something healthy he could obsess over? I’m going to try working out with my son. We both need it and might be a good habit to start. Hang in there. Also there is a meditation center that I want to check out.


He’s taking the meds, from what I’ve seen. No, he’s completely regressing and there’s no way because the YouTube account which is famous for he lost access to, therefore people never leave him alone.


And the stress isn’t helping either is it?


Dear Doctor, Please try to take care of yourself with the kindness and sensitivity you have given your fiance and all of us.


Was he worse when he went in? I’m wondering why the doctors would release him when he’s still having delusions and paranoia, etc. It sounds like he could be on a different medication, but I’m fairly new to this. Maybe he’s a lot better than he was and so the docs let him go…? I was pretty surprised when I picked up my son that he was still hearing voices and talking to them. I thought they’d keep him until this had cleared up. He’d made so much improvement they thought they’d let him go I guess. I don’t understand the mental health system at all; it’s frustrating. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Maybe they could add another medication if you called them…? His voices about killing himself should be a red flag for the hospital. Take care of yourself. You deserve it! ~hugs~


No, it definitely isn’t helping out. It’s very overwhelming.


Thank you, but I don’t know how to. I’m good at taking care of others, but not for myself.


Yes, he was worse when he went it. They thought he was getting better and saw no reason to keep him there.Thank you. ~hugs~


I am the same way. I have an extremely difficult time caring for myself.

Here is my mental trick I play on myself to try to change this:
If I take care of myself, if I am as healthy and calm as possible, I can do much more for other people. Taking care of myself is a way of being able to take care of my family member.

Best to you, Doctor. It sounds like you are stressed to the max and need rest and care yourself.


@JulieAnn - When I first had to deal with this, I was also under the mistaken impression that the hospital would keep my son until he was ‘well’. But I have learned that is not their goal. Insurance has specific criteria for keeping someone inpatient - a certain level of self care and no concern for harm to self or others. Especially if they know a person has someone to take care of them when released.


It’s a pretty sad thing when money trumps caring for and treating people who are ill and need the help. The longer I’m around this illness, the more I see a broken system. That’s exactly what they did with my son, let him go with me because he was “good enough.” My son was in another state in the hospital, and although I had driven there to see him a few times during his stay, when I went to pick him up I was shocked they were releasing him. I just expected so much more!


I’ve said that to myself many times and to others as well. Whenever I try, I shut down completely and become emotionally distant from everybody.


He was supposed to be there for 90 days by a court order. They only let him stay for 33 days. I asked them to let him stay another week in there, and they said they couldn’t keep him there because they can’t keep someone who seems to be well against their will. They didn’t even call his mother, who was supposed to be his guardian with all of the proceedings. When I called her the next day she was shocked to find that they let him out since nobody had contacted her.


Well, that’s all unfortunate. My son was held by a court order as well, for six months. It lasted 5 weeks. Because he could come stay with us and he was “well enough,” they let him go. I just thought it was because he was doing so well - now that I know so much more about the system, that wasn’t it at all. And like I said, when I finally arrived and saw him I was shocked. He was so much worse than I was expecting (since they were releasing him I thought he’d be much better). It’s so frustrating. How is your fiance doing today?


I’m very sorry to hear that. He seems to be relatively stable today, he told me he was seeing all these different spirits in me as I was sleeping in the morning when he woke up and that some of them were scary. Besides that, the only thing that has happened so far is that he yelled at me because I asked him what was wrong and he said that the seat on the bus caused him to itch.


Relatively stable is a good thing. I hope you have a good day and things get better for you.


Thank you and likewise. :slight_smile: