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Cellphone Options

If your loved one has a cellphone, what kind do they use? Do they have trouble keeping track of it?

I was considering getting one of these watch-phones for kids with pre-programmed numbers in it for my brother, but I’m not sure…


We get inexpensive flip phones with plans that switch between phones, so if the phone gets lost, we can buy a new one (usually ten to twenty dollars) and then switch all the remaining minutes and phone number to the new phone. About five phones a year for awhile.


Since my son is on SSDI he is eligible for a free phone (not a smart phone) it’s like a flip phone through Assurance Wireless and it provides about 300 minutes and I think 300 texts free per month…if that doesn’t work then my plan is a good one through Consumer Cellular, you can use your own phone or they have phones available on their website, and I pay $25 per month plus tax for unlimited minutes and texts and free wifi at hot spots or at your home if you already have wifi there. I am not sure what the rules are about lost phones (sometimes homeowner’s insurance can cover that I think) but damaged phones are usually replaceable for free through Assurance Wireless, otherwise you’d have to get a new one. My son keeps his phone in a small leather case that clips to his belt and he has never lost it. knock wood


My sons broke his phone again when he was drinking lost count of how many phones he’s had ,he needs to get one but doesn’t want to pay for it!


I had no idea people on SSDI can get a cheap phone! I’m going to look into that. Thanks for the tip! :blush:


FREE phone :slight_smile: …there are several providers but here is a website to the one I got for my son —>

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My son does not have trouble keeping track of it…quite the opposite. He knows where it is because it could be recording him. So it frequently is in another room turned off. On the other hand he loves his land line phone. The problem with that is he has the inexpensive low income plan without caller id. And he cant let the call go unanswered. Sales people call him and boy do they wish they hadn’t! We signed up for the do not call registry but it will take a couple of weeks to get going.