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Trying to get through

Hello…i have been read a few sentences here and there trying to get through to him and to almost prove that what is os is doing is similar to what others like him are experiencing. I wont show him this site. He used to be very good at building computers and fixing just about anything. Now he can barely work his phone. He messed it up so bad that we went to the store to see if they could look at it. They said nothing was where it was supposed to be. All ofnhus notifications were turned on and bnb his phone was constantly beeping. He said see they are listening to him and tracking him. He pulled the headlight fuse from his car because they?? put a tracking device. He cant drive anywhere with directions from his phone. Drives 35 mph in 65 zone. Constant music or jibberish. He has to keep touching his phone and changing things. He wont listen to me at all. According to him i am going to hell and he is going to be with jesus.
The rest of the things left in the apartment are going to the curb. Bed washer and dryer, couches, food, he wont even eat the eggs because 1 or 2 leaked ben in thr carton so someone must have done that. We used to eat them everyday. His mood swings are so very drastic. He yelled at me for over 2 hours just in case i was to say or do something to upset him. Nothing…just nothing. I pray all the time. I want him back. I dont know who he is anymore.

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@Laz - I’m guessing he’s not on medication at this point? Is he willing to see a doctor?

Hi Laz,

Glad you are here. You refer to him as he. Is he your son, husband, or someone else? Is he connected to a dr, and does he take medication? How old I’d he? If st any time he is a danger to self or others, which is defined by state law, you can always call police and request he be assessed for a 72 hour old. Many of us have been there, and understand your frustrations and challenges.

No hes not. And according to him he doesnt need one. He is my fiancee. He hasnt taken meds for over 2 years. He doesnt have a dr anymore not even a primary. Last month he was on a 72 hour hold. Refused treatment and left after his time was up. I am taking down an entertainment center because if i dont he will put it at the curb and people around here will take it before i can blink

I am not very strong and my left and arm doesn’t work well for me since i had 5 surgeries and he used to know that now i have all of this work to do.
I bet when he moves out he is going to beg me to help him find a new place to live. I hope that i am strong enough to stop myself because maybe this time he can see how easy it is according to him to do.

He is a excellent maniulipuator. As for a danger at times…Especially of he doesnt sleep. I stayed at his apartment last night. I literally couldnt keep my head up or my eyes open. I was snoring on the couch and if i would have opened the door he would have got up and left to go sleep in his car. He used to help me with somethings that i had a hard time doing but most of all i miss oir conversations and plans that we made etc. Laughing and smiling is just a memory

Sorry…he was snoring on the couch. I was up most of the night and morning worrying about all of this and about my dads situation also