Christian wife with Christian schizophrenic husband

Yes. I’m out here. I’m at the beginning of the process. It’s really hard. Words can’t explain. I’m desperately googling finding nothing but forums, and I think forums are kinda creepy… but yes, be comforted that you are NOT alone.

I am currently coping by tracking answers to prayer even tiny ones. I’m going to look into NAMI.

Have you read 1000 Gifts? She talks about light in the darkest of times and how everything is filtered through God’s grace.

Praying for you. Please pray for us too.

I feel like I am in the exact same boat. I’ve been married several years and have a few young children. I just realized there was something definitely wrong about 4 months ago when I made him explain some things he was doing stuff that I couldn’t understand. He believed he had learned through revelation and signs things that can not possibly be true. He has precise details and dates of things he believes to be true that never happened. For a few years he has been complaining about demonic attacks and saying demons would tell him things. I just finally managed to get him to go to the doctor a few days ago and he hasn’t seen a phycologist yet or been officially diagnosed but we are working on it. It’s very hard trying to be a Christian wife and trying to be supportive but he feels that if I don’t agree with him I am persecuting him. Some days he seems fine but I never know what little thing is going to upset him and he will get so upset he can’t hardly function.

Hi Annsw. I will be praying for you guys too. Especially as you learn how to best love him during this time. I could have written your post too. Stand firm in the faith, girl. God loves you, him, and your kids more than you can imagine.
Original poster, Brehappyyy, do you know about Military One Source counseling benefits? You can get 12 free sessions face to face or over the phone w someone in your area. If Military One Source asks the reason, you can just say a family member w mental illness. That way, maybe you can get counsel for yourself? I’m trying to go that route.