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Clozaril sedation


Help ! My son started Clozaril about a month ago and is up to 200mg along with 7.5 haldol. He is sleeping 16 + hours a day. Does this get better ?


Hi. My son did sleep for a lot of time after first starting too. Close to the same amount of time. Partly I think because the psychosis had worn him out, on top of the drug effect. He still sleeps 10-12 hours a day after 2+ years on clozaril, but my son is on 600mg per day all in one shot before bed. Your son’s body is trying to adjust to this med and it will take a bit. In my experience, this is all worth it.


Thank you for the response, very encouraging !


It definitely got better for my son on Clozaril, he was also sleeping 16+ hours a day in the beginning. It worried me so I asked his doctor about it and the doctor said that it was normal and it would improve in time. It did. If I remember right it took awhile maybe a few months I don’t recall but longer than a month for sure and was a gradual improvement. I can’t speak about the Haldol though because my son doesn’t take that one.