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Clueless and hurtful

My son has been wanting to see me less and less and my worst fear is coming true. Even more isolation He used to come over more and spend time with his brother and cousins.

So the times he DOES want to see me, I make sure he has plenty of food, and other things he may need, because I never know when he’s going to change his mind again nor when I will see him again. Tonight was not a good night, all because I gave him too much chicken Parmesan.

His words “just get off of my back, it’s like you’re obsessed with me”. Then he left and walked back to his apt ( he only lives about 8 blocks from my house). He never did eat his chicken Parmesan.

I know it’s the illness but it still hurts. I just want the best for him, that’s all. Will I ever get used to his stinging words coming from a place that I will never understand, but have to accept.

I dont know when I will be hearing from him again. He has been initiating the contacts lately (his decision), and he has stopped taking my calls and responding to my texts. He makes me feel like I’m bothering him and I’m nothimg but a nuisance.

I’m scared and worried and my anxiety is thru the roof

Maybe just back off a little bit. You don’t want to be in my shoes. No contact at all or only angry text messages. I am consumed with missing him and worrying about him 24/7.

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“It’s like you are obsessed with me” Lol. Just because you are being a mom and want to feed him.

I think he knows you love him and are welcome back. The rest is up to him.

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[quote=“Lmr, post:2, topic:7215, full:true”]I I am consumed with missing him and worrying about him 24/7.

Yes, the daily life of a mother/caregiver…we never fully rest. You & your son are in my thoughts. Hope he is ok

@Jan, at least he didn’t say “I think you’re trying to poison me” lol
I guess there is always a bright side

I really don’t know what he knows at this point. Does he truly know I’d go to the end of the world for him? It’s hard to know, especially given the things they sometimes say due to the overly suspicious and paranoid nature stemming from their illness.

But I do have some good days with him where his sense of humor returns and he briefly cracks a smile. Uugggh