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My son believes he is the “light of the world” and he can read minds. When I ask about his conversations, he has so many thoughts (other people thoughts) he is responding to them. So last night I said, “That is a lot going on in your head, maybe it is time to give yourself a break for tonight.” He said, “Thanks mom for understanding, I am going to try to rest my mind and go to bed.” So far I have been encouraged since reading, “I am not Sick. I don’t need help.” I found in the beginning that hyper focusing on his delusions led to long discussions with the same outcome. From my work in mental health, delusions are difficult to treat especially if one is not responding well medication, un-medicated, and/or married to the delusions (part of the brain disorder). We have less disagreements and more trust when I am not fighting the delusions on a daily basis.

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My son has said that (named boy) possessed him to,say stuff he wouldn’t normally say that is not true and incriminating.

It’s only because he was out with said person and consumed too much alcohol.

I’m gonna start writing down things so I can be prepared with something to talk about that don’t trigger neg responses and also so I can respond with only positive I statements gotta be away to not come off in a persecutory way.Ive been trying for years to control my tone when I speak to because she always mistakes me for being angry or fighting when I was just getting a point across funny how we walk through life thinking we understand what’s what until life teaches us what’s REALly what.And the things I thought were important HAH boy did I not no amything going to try and and visit for couple minutes wish me luck and strength .i will be praying for all your families ever time I’m begging the big man to let me trade places with the love of my life hope we all ever better days ahead and they’re suffering doesnt persist


My son is very sensitive to tone of voice & body language.

Just yesterday, I had something on my mind when we were driving to the lab for blood work. He kept asking me what was wrong, so I finally asked him why he kept asking me. He said it was because I was responding the same way I normally did. So, tone of voice & body language was OK, but pattern of speech wasn’t.

Sometimes, he’ll just look at me and know when I’m bothered - it’s kind of surprising.

The funny part? He keeps asking me if he’s autistic. If anything, he’s the polar opposite of autistic - he picks up on human emotion too well.


I agree. A few years ago after my son was explaining something, (don’t remember what particular rabbit hole he was down that day), but I looked at him and said, it must be exhausting to be you. I will never forget the look on his face, a mix between overwhelming fatigue and relief, when her replied, “you have no idea”. I don’t but he recognized I at least understood being him is difficult, he is not being difficult. If that makes sense. Now do I master that empathy every time, nope, but when I do, conversations are better.


I have no idea…i never heard of them either till he started talking about them. Last night he called me at 11 from downtown San Antonio…he tried to stay at the Salvation Army cuz there were no buses on Sunday to where he stays and he paid his 12$ had a shower-meal-and got into bed and then they kicked him out cuz he couldnt stop talking to himself…i told him he needed to go to the hospital a few blocks away to which my surprise he did! I think its horrible that a place thats for homeless indigents threw him out during the night-they should have gotten him help and not left it to him…but thats our world…:frowning: His friend txt me about 15 minutes later saying he just saw him on the phone with 911 calling for an ambulance to go to the psych ward…he needed to go even though I felt awful for not going to get him-but he will use me over and over and theres not much left of me as it is now…


So, he will be safe at the hospital and you will get a little break. Breathe and take some time to rest and retire. Please know we are here with you in our own homes dealing with this illness the best we each can.

I got my son out today for a meal and grocery shopping. If went pretty well all in all. It started out sort of rough and I thought I was going to have to turn around but it worked out alright and we made it home safely. I am thankful.


Did they at least give him his $12.00 back?

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They told him he had to go back the nest day and they would however he has no way to get around and usually no money…but he called that night for me to go get him and it was 11 pm downtown and i knew he was doing bad so i convinced him to go to the ER and get admitted-he usually always does what I tell him…they took him in and transferred him to a mental hospital the next morning and he’s still there. Only downside of him staying in the hospital is if they keep him over 30 days his social security gets stopped until he’s out…if he gets kept over a year they cut it off completely-which makes absolutely no sense-if a person is in a mental hospital that long then its obvious they need social security yet when they get released they have to start over from day one and re-apply-which will then take at least a year to get approved and then another few months to get so the poor person is on their own or the family has to cover all the bills in the meantime…plus no Medicaid for meds or anything…its a failed system!

Zena-the SS, Medicaid situation you described is outrageous! Of course, your child’s health comes first–complete the recommended hospitalization first.

While he’s there, I’d get in touch with a lawyer or advocacy group to get some pro-Bono help in maintaining his benefits. There might be an avenue for appeal, or a loophole you can use to your advantage.

I haven’t been able to have the hospitalized for mental illness experience - don’t the hospitals have social workers to make sure their medicaid and social security is restarted when they are released?

I read that on the social security paperwork but they have never stopped it and I know my son has exceeded 30 days at least twice, maybe three times. It would be a pain if they did that.

Yes, if a person is hospitalized for 30 days, he/she or the rep payee is supposed to notify Social Security. But, my kid was hospitalized exactly 30 days in March, and I notified SS, and no change happened to his payment. We’re just about at the 30 day mark again for hospitalization, so I’ll again give SS a call. We shall see if his benefits are adjusted… Maybe there is a grace period…

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I did call them once but nothing happened.

Wow , wished my son wanted to go to hospital. He is still at the stage where he insists he is fine and it is I who is crazy. Is it ok to go along with their strange thinking? I might be able to do this if my son wasnt so paranoid about people trying to hurt him. Now it is me that he is blaming. That I am conspiring against him somehow. Whispering about him. Why? to who I ask. He has no answer so he says “you know who”. He makes me feel like i am going insane.
He is in hospital now for that very same reason. I couldnt take it anymore. He threw away everything i cooked for him. He says he isnt hungry, but likely he feels that i am trying to poison him. He is refusing meds and there is only so long that the hospital can keep him and he knows this so he is just waiting them out. This cant end well if they send him home to me with no meds .