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Is this a common thing to believe

My son thinks some part of himself has been compromised to help someone else.
He thinks his bone size has been compromised.
His soul, he says part of that was taken and given to someone else .
He’s 27 next week but apparently happened around 12 . He said he didn’t know at time as he was a kid and he would have done better at school if he had been himself. He was damaged he said . He says people been lying to him for 15 years.
He said he doesn’t understand how people have got away with ruining his life.

Any of these things familiar. I’m so bamboozled .

your son is delusional and not in in touch with reality.
is he taking medicine at the present time?

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He said he’s not telling me if is he is taking his aripiprazole. He’s been on 25mg for a year after previously depot of paliperidone.

PO: 25mg of aripiprazole which considered to be on the high end.
is depot of paliperidone is oral pill or Injection?

my Son is currently taking 156mg Invega-sustena monthly injection. he was still delusional on 156mg.
doctor had increased the dose to 234mg. will see how it does in the next couple months.

another family I came in contact with, their son is taking 234mg Invega-sustena monthly injection and also 15mg of Zyprexa.
your son may benefit from mood stablizer like depokate or Lithium?

My son got better in 2016 on paliperidone oral pill of (6mg/daily) and he also took Lithium carbonate 450mg/daily and Episcopalian ( 10mg/ 3 times daily) and couple other meds for side effects. it was a lot of medicine to deal with after he was discharged from hospital and he ended up not taking any
and later have episodes…

On the bright side, your son has very imaginative delusions :grinning:
My Sz loved one didn’t have those thoughts, that I know of. He did believe that someone put a chip in his head. And that the doctor who gave him a spinal tap that time in the ER, “did something to him.” Etc.

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My son’s delusions have ranged from thinking he is Hitler reincarnated and being punished for what he did in his past life to being part of a military project where they came into his room as a child and put a pattern of moles on his arm branding him and injecting him with experimental things. It blows my mind and how to reassure them this is not so is beyond me.

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Some of the delusions our daughter has had sound very similar. The delusion is very real to her, last anywhere from a couple days to on going …forever really. Mostly, I believe she will say the belief is different only because we’ve expressed gentle opposing thought suggestions about the delusion.

Most recent, similar to your lived one was like this:

Her: I’m really pissed off. I can’t believe people can just steal from people. I mean who so they think they are. Just taking things.

Me: no, its not right for people to steal, that’s for sure. I’d be upset to. Has something happened?

Her: yea, the neighbor, the one with the horses. He told me he was going to take my nieces soul essence, her life force. I told him, you can’t do that! He wouldn’t listen, so I told him to take mine and save my niece, she’s just a little girl. So…he did! He just took it. Now I’m not whole. Part of me is gone! And u am so pissed off about this…ahhhhh!!! (Head flops to the lap, exasperated and angry, while lightly pulling at her hair)

Me: why do you think he did that?

Her: I don’t know??? He just did and its not right.

The verbal discussion carried on for a little longer, she regrouped and tried to get busy with something to change her thoughts.

But this particular incident (delusion) kept her really angry for THREE DAYS!

My husband was taking a plate to the neighbor who was unable to attend a small gathering. Same neighbor as above. Daughter asked to ride along. I mentioned that he was “the one” and encouraged her to go. To see if she could recognize he was “okay” and harmless. She actually agreed. She stayed in the car while husband went to the door, but nevertheless, she was willing to potentially get near the “bad guy”.

There had been some conversation about the illness and how her brain can trick her with strange thoughts, etc. Also that the neighbor was a very kindhearted man who wouldn’t intentionally harm anyone.

I was proud that she “stepped through” what I considered a huge barrier belief and ride along to deliver the food.

Didn’t go to the door, but didn’t cower away either.

Sometimes, it is just sooo difficult for me to tell what is true and what is false. At times, she’s so calm and, may I say, seeming normal while explaining a situation…for me, its the story or storyline that clues me that it’s a delusional moment.

Hope that helps…even just a little☺

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CAAR2016 it was the depot of paliperidone 156mg, and looking back now he rarely mentioned the blame to us, if ever on that med. reason he came off was he really wanted to and wanted to be in control and take oral meds and was switched to aripiprazole . That being said he did take it at first and the pills are missing each day from his pack but I don’t see him take them,

He said last night he wasn’t telling me of he took them and he didn’t need them.
He’s more vocal and stronger now and his voice is raised and animated when showing his disgust about the mental health team, he wasn’t like that on the paliperidone.
Thank you, we need a med review soon in the new year.

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Wow Nebuddy thanks for this, I can see from your post how you respond like I do .
It’s the only other time I’ve heard about souls being taken or sold as my son sometimes says.
Mine said this from day one, we found notes of sites he had visited about “soul retrieval” and had details of s woman who helped with this , shaman practices . Obviously she charged money for this. Thankfully he never got to see her but he was researching way before we really knew he was ill

With regard to your daughter saying her soul, her essence her life force, that’s strong words, such a strong feeling she has that something is missing , just like my son, wonder why they even come up with the word SOUL.

Isn’t it strange how they “just know” they are so fixed and strong on the belief something is true, just becasie it is and can’t really back it up…”I don’t know it Just is,”says my son…

My heart goes out to you.

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The details about him researching PRIOR is important. He already had a belief in place and was searching for meaning / support of his beliefs. It is possible, that he is now just expressing the earlier thoughts or is convinced that this is the answer.

If you’d like to talk personally on the phone (not sure where you are from and if that would work for you) I have a bit of information to share regarding shaminism and communicating with him to help him resolve some of these beliefs.

It may help with some guided dialogue with him. I will send you my phone number in private message along with my current time zone. I am available pretty much any time the next few days. I probably will answer as a Salvage Yard as I commonly forward my phone to be able to be move further from the landline here at our yard.

Talk with you soon. Thinking this could really help☺

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My son was on the Invega Sustenna, now he gets Invega Trinza 4x a year injection… He is on the max dosage… he would not and will not take any oral medication. 9 years post diagnosis… been getting Invega Trinza since 2015.

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My son insists that there is a GPS in his ear that the Dr. put there when he had his ears checked. If you try to reason with him, he gets very upset and says ÿou just don’t get it"! He insists the Sheriff is following him and comes into the house and sprays him with meds. He refuses to take meds, insists there is nothing wrong with him. Anosognosia. We are trying desperately to get him to another psychiatrist who will be more helpful as the 1 he has now just makes the statement. Ït is not against the law to be crazy" seriously, don’t you think a Dr. would want a better quality of life for their patients then to just write them off and ignore them. His therapist and myself are very concerned as he is so frustrated that people are following him, not sure what he will do next.?

What an incompetent Doctor def see a different one , that’s not what a Dr is trained to believe, they are meant to encourage a better way of life for people surely that’s why they are se in first place .

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Unmedicated, my daughter talks to higher beings that watch over our city 24/7. She went downtown to yell at buildings where she used to work, police usually called me to come get her. Recently, she was arrested for disorderly conduct and battery on a law enforcement officer (I don’t know yet if the charges are going to stick or not) which resulted in forced hospitalization from jail, then a Haldol injection.

Since home, medicated, the voices had almost stopped, negative symptoms were gone. Her delusion about my husband (her step dad) being abusive stopped: she now speaks to him normally and civilly. She is looking for a job. She is helping around the home. BUT she still has anosognosia. She says that “people are being caged. I was caged into my stomach and someone else was caged into my head. Sometimes ‘others’ were caged in my joints. Several beings in my body. Sometimes people are caging you, Mama.” Her mental beings could take over her head and restrict her to her stomach where she couldn’t run herself. She saw a p-doc for the first time, Friday. She told the doc that the mental beings were not caging her as much. Supposedly, she doesn’t need to take pills. She said some pills prescribed in the past were bad (4 prior forced hospitalizations) and made her feel electrified. She said Zyprexa and Haldol didn’t electrify her. She stopped taking Zyprexa after forced hospitalization in 2016, and it did not help her symptoms as much. She was forced onto Haldol in 2017 during a forced hospitalization, and had the same relief of almost all symptoms, but refused to get another shot.

The past year she has been totally paranoid, but the police would not Baker Act her again.

After this release, her next appt is Jan 3rd, which is when the 30 day shot will be due, I am hoping her doctor is planning to give her another injection. Supposedly the doctor told her that she can refuse and take it “if needed.”

The right meds made things better, but DID NOT stop the delusions. Apparently, delusions are so strong, they often don’t go away. I heard her in her room last night talking quietly to her “people” so the voices are coming back.

Exactly. I finally got another Psychiatrist for him to see on 1/3 and she has requested his therapist and myself join them for their appt. Now that is refreshing to hear, somebody that wants to work with you for the betterment of their patients. Wish us luck!!!

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Not too long to wait , wishing you all the best of luck and a better doctor.

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Thank you. I am trying to focus on this being a positive move in the right direction.


I have found (very minimal) research that some individuals are actually “gifted” psychic-ly and the “psychosis” is actually very real communication.

Psychcs have communication with spirits. Mediums (think Teresa Caputo on TV) communicate with the deceased and even pastors/preachers have very strong communication/guidance from God.

With schizophrenia, this takes a very adept person to be able to discern…is this psychosis or is this actually real. We all know, that to the individual it is ALL really…but you get what u mean. Is it possible, that she truly is speaking with spirits. On the good note, it sounds like her communucation with them is positive. (Less the psychosis when yelling at buildings etc)

There is a whole lot that I could go on about with this topic…but I’m not all against the possibility that she’s “gifted” and doesn’t know how to shut it off. Meaning, she doesn’t know how to stop the communication line…it’s like it is in the “ON” position all the time. And it doesn’t have to be that’s for sure.

We all have “gifts”. Can you think of a time when you were thinking of a dear friend and a couple minutes later she called? Telecommunication. You sent a signal, and your friend responded. These things are real…we just forget about intuition and inner guidance. Or the “voice” that prompts us in certain ways.

I’m not saying she doesn’t have schizophrenia…by no means…I wish I could. I am just hoping there’s a group in your area for her to learn more about the things I have spoken about. It would be under spiritual development. Most often it is with a church, just a church that is focused on spiritual things. (Not atheist and nothing dark/evil). A common ground is always…believing in a power bigger then yourself, be it God, Buddah, Universal Source, Your Higher-Self…whatever you want to call it - something that’s bigger than yourself that is positive and loving.

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I understand @Nebuddy . I am somewhat spiritual. In the beginning, I wondered if it was a gift or a curse my daughter had. I contacted a few people of special abilities. One psychic recommended a school for the gifted, nice idea, but how to talk to someone who is in psychosis about a school? Plus I couldn’t just shut down my life to take her there. One set of women who contact others out of body said they couldn’t help her as she refused approach from them. One, who said she was a good witch, wanted me to bring her in to meet up, but my daughter refused. Her old church provided no help or even much kindness. A friend told me to leave her be in her room for awhile as maybe she could work out how to take back over herself and for the first 1/2 year, I didn’t bother her much, except that first hospitalization by the police (she never took drugs that first time). I don’t know of any groups like you are talking of, or even how to find one.

I finally decided it was a curse as her life disintegrated into isolation and 24/7 talk to spirits. Maybe they are real spirits, maybe not, but the harm to her life was total destruction as she no longer had a life outside of her room. And when she went out in public she scared people by her talk.

If they are spirits, she maybe didn’t have evil spirits, but they certainly weren’t helpful, and she was often left yelling angrily or crying wildly alone. I even asked her one time why she believed the voices over me as they weren’t helping her, while I was trying to help and was fully supporting her.

Today, I had a great day with my daughter, went out to a restaurant, went holiday shopping, she helped me garden, we watched some TV. Life was about as normal as it could be, yet it was a very, very special day compared to the last three years.

If the Haldol is killing her connection with her spirits, I’m OK with that. She seemed happy all day today. She’s been happy for two weeks now.

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I am so glad your daughter is on the Haldol for as long as that lasts. And I am so happy for you that you are getting to do “normal” things with her! For families like ours, “normal” can feel like such a miraculous gift.