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Common words used

I see these same words used by our relatives on here quite a lot.
My son never used any such words like this before. A couple are the words “satanists” though he’s not used that since he was unmedicated.
He still says he was “possessed” by someone who made him say stuff ordinarily he wouldn’t have said.

What is the theme of these words in this illness, satanists, possessed, controlled, brainwashed, read minds. Probably a random post this but just read another post and it jogged my memory to write this.

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I think it’s because they know something is wrong & they’re looking for an explanation as to why it could be anything but mental illness.

My son has been through phases where he thought people could read his minds.

For him, the theme was mind reading, time travel, government agents, doctors with ulterior motives, people spying on him or listening to him through electronics - all James Bond type stuff.

He’s moved on though, so he now feels more in control. Now, he has psychic and telepathic abilities and “sometimes” other people can see or hear what he’s does, or he can hear & see what they’re seeing. And, he can predict the future.
But, since it doesn’t happen all the time, he says it comes & goes.

Just last night he said he was willing to go back to the mental hospital for a few weeks just so he could strengthen his psychic abilities. He doesn’t need to go - he just associates that time with when he was very strongly psychic.

At least he’s not upset about it right now. He thoroughly enjoys the whole idea, so I just go with it even though I tell him I don’t understand it and I don’t want those powers.

We had a whole discussion about what super power I’d pick - and I think we settled on invisible, although I told him I wasn’t sure how that would work. I certainly didn’t want to be naked to be invisible, and how would the power to be invisible make my clothes go invisible? He said maybe I needed an invisibility cloak. So, then I asked him if only the things it covered would be invisible - like if I peeped out would people see my eyes floating around? He just laughed and said I had a question for everything.

Actually, if I had to pick a super power, it would be the “do what I say” power - that’s the best one I think.


Ahh that’s a nice precious little conversation you had , it’s nice when we can talk and they are genuinely interested. Sounds like your son looks up to you and really loves you.

I nearly passed out when I read what your son said about going back to hospital ! As my son a few times has said this, it confuses me as he hated the hospital, or did he ?
Mine says he needs to go back there to be able to learn to read minds.
He said others can read minds and he’s disadvantaged as he can’t.

He also says the Doctors at hospital aren’t really doctors, they are terrorists (I know I’ve said this before). He also said his nurse name isn’t her real name, he says her surname is fake and it is linked to,s place where one of his delusions originates from.

My son loves all the Harry Potter movies.
He also talks of the illuminati ?

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I’ve kind of worked hard on not making the hospital a scary place - even though it scared me at first.

The one he talks about going back to has good food & allows smoke breaks. He says someone took him there when he was little - not sure where that came from. I’m sure it didn’t happen.

And, he likes the doctor he sees there well enough.

Your son has so much in common with mine - it’s too bad you haven’t found a way for him to try the Clozapine.
My son’s delusions are still there. Maybe they’ll pass with time. But, they don’t bother him anymore, and some of the worst ones have passed. Now, they’re more like memories of what once happened to him than something that’s going on right now. He still believes he’s psychic - just not right now.



Another thing my son has said for a while is that there is a house out there for him, all paid and ready for him , we ask by whom? And where is it? He can’t say except he will get it when he can read minds.
Perhaps his “reading minds” is him being well and maybe the house , hypothetically is his reward for this suffering through the illness, just my little theory.

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My son has a deal with two famous brands - I mean that as a delusion, not that he really does.

Right now, it means we should get free products.

When he was ill, it meant he had millions in the bank.

It’s funny how the mind works. My husband had drug-induced psychosis from being on strong drugs to keep him in a coma-like state while he was on a ventilator after a really bad motorcycle accident. He came out thinking we were in New Zealand (one of the male nurses had been watching soccer matches in New Zealand), asking about children we never had, and asking for his other body - which was a completely different race.

An older lady in a support group I go to had some good, practical advice that I have a hard time following. She said she gave up trying to figure out how her son’s mind worked a long time ago, and it wouldn’t matter even if she could. It’s just best to not spend energy on trying.

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When it comes down to it, maybe it’s not so scary, maybe my mind is making it out to be more scary, maybe it’s about how the illness/delusions are percrived/tolerated /interpreted by us.

I think it’s very scary for them when the delusions are paranoid.
That’s how I always get my son to the hospital, He’s eventually so scared he wants to go.

For him, the meds make it not so scary.

Maybe needing to learn to read minds isn’t scary for them. Or thinking there’s a house waiting for them.

But, when they’re worried about someone coming to get them or reading their minds, it’s very scary.

My son’s first psychotic break, he was afraid that if we left him alone with any doctor, they would pull out a gun and shoot him. That was very scary for him.
He also thought at any moment someone would break down our door & shoot him. That was the mysterious “they”.

Most of his delusions are more grandiose now than paranoid, so I don’t really try to talk him out of them. When he asks me what I think or if I think it was all a dream, I tell him I don’t know, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out for himself - that if it was a dream, it’ll start to fade away.

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I think somehow the grandios ideas are a coping mechanism at least for my wife because she was things like “she being selected for a nobel peace prize so no one can mess her ór else they would have the national guard to deal with” and I’m so sorry that I didn’t realize she was just trying to feel safe
What’s going around us obviously affect these ideas because that was around few weeks ago when they announced in media that young afghani girl would be selected and I later realized the first week she spent in hospital the news had been on the tv all day so it would seem there is a need to be careful what media there exposed to because u never what idea just get stuck in there heads but that’s from my very limited experience so far

My son also talks about the illuminati and the free masons all the time…and that he’s being spied on constantely…nobody outside of family is who they say and if I disagree or argue a point with him he will look at me as if looking through me and yell for a certain person to leave his mama alone…its very scary-he says we are all being controlled by “them”…via satellites…he says they are making his head hurt with all the communication…he talks of when he becomes a millionaire and perhaps the head of the FBI-discussing with the President what needs to be done and that they will all see how smart he is then…he will get on Facebook and announce crazy things to everyone and as a mother I cant tell him anything but to please try and keep his thoughts a little more private…I never encourage his behavior but I dont want him to ever think im making fun of him or for him to become embarrassed…

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lol, fact for my two,

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You are right about this being a theme. Those types of words are usually associated with delusions (a very broad term) which can be broken down into subcategories (e.g., control, mind reading, persecution, etc.)- so they correlate with the type of delusions he might be experiencing, which to him are as real as the air that he breathes.

My son suffers from delusion of persecution and believed/believes ( although this appears to be subsiding) that somebody is attempting to poison him via the chemicals in his food and water. I could talk myself blue in the face trying to convince him otherwise but I have realized over the years that only the passage of time and medication will help with the delusions.

I’ve learned to be very, very patient and as good a listener as that patience will allow…

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I think when I meant they aren’t so scary, I meant not for them but for us, you see I was so scared , terrified of this illness, now in a way I’ve almost “befriended” it telling myself not to be so scared. I know for them , your son , mine these are horrendously scary.
I know when mine says he is going to be bundled in a car and taken and be gang ***** by men that must feel literally that there is not much scarier things that could happen, or being used as a suicide bomber, doesn’t come any scarier does it. :disappointed_relieved:

Why these themes, illuminati, free Masons etc, I had never heard of the illuminati till my son started talking of them. How do they discover these things when regular people know nothing of them.

They find it in movies, etc.

The Tom Hanks Davinci Code movies talked about the illuminati.
The Nicolas Cage National Treasure movies talked about free masons.

I think they find the rest on the Internet - especially YouTube. Maybe they get some from the news too.

I’m surprised we don’t hear more from them about Anonymous.

As far as being scared, all that stuff makes me very scared for him & for what he’s going through - and especially of what the future holds.

Glad to to see @gssp thought u we’re gone and your experience is much needed so thanks I’m very scared that the hate from fear my wife has had towards me is not just gonna go away I don’t know how this is gonna work as far as me being there for her when all she wants is me gone and since without her working half our income is gone and almost half of mine go to my children from previous marriage we don’t have the means to live separately I must manage to keep a roof over heads and will do so as best I can but she’s so afraid of me and wants me gone I can’t just leave her to be evicted and then what! I’m so lost still no insight or reasoning with her
So idk I’m gonna keep praying .
I’ve looking at things around and wondering if maybe there are bad spirits around yesterday I found a little skeleton hanging in my basement which I’ve been seen in the 6 yrs living here and in freaked me out I started to beat the little 3" inch toy and pray Omg I’m so lost I need her back I’m so willing to just settle for her not being afraid of me that would be so much of an improvement that I’m afraid to ask for more I wrote her letter and left somethings but she can barely read now so it means nothing I’ve called the hospital and begged for her to be given the release forms but not sure she’s gonna remeber she wanted to do it or for what reason so much unreal ideas floating her poor little head Boy do I miss her at least I made it to work today didn’t cry on the train so im grateful for that just wish had something for her to cheer about well guess what I want doesn’t matter because I have no control so it will only cause me stress to have expectations

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  1. Self control is imperative, easier said then done sure, but you must practice it. As I stated before, you must learn to ignore any and all strange behavior and not take it personal.

  2. Money is a big problem for most, hard for me to give advise here, disability and SSI,

  3. Always sleep in a separate room to give her space, do not hover over her, always move to another room when she is agitated as it is highly unlikely you can help

  4. You say: “I’m so lost still no insight or reasoning with her” then Do Not try when she is a bad state, only interact when she can interact back

  5. When your stressed, take a long walk, put your brain to another task…

  6. Stop beating little toys as they might fight back LOL, :slight_smile:


I think I have written here about the same topic. Where do they get this stuff? For my ex, it was always the “Secret Government.” If I had a dollar every time I heard about the Secret Government was messing w his life, I’d be a millionaire. :moneybag:


For my son its always people instead of entities that are out to get him. The people who are out to get him only have proximity in common. By this I mean, where he works and where he lives. When he starts a job, the people he would see daily, eventually they are out to get him, “talking s***” about him to other coworkers, calling him names. Same thing for people who live near him. We knew when we brought him home to live it would eventually become us that his paranoia would focus on after a period of time, and it did.

Eventually it progresses to everyone being in on a plot to kill him. He buys guns and knives to protect himself - that’s what makes him dangerous.

I know my son was listening to talk radio at night, then Alex Jones, then Jesse Ventura, and then started searching You tube videos. This just all played into his paranoi even further. I think Slw is right about them trying to figure out what is causing this. My son thought he was possessed for a long time.