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Long term care suggestions

Hi everyone-
I was wondering if anyone knew of a long term care facility in NC that accepts medicaid. There’s only one option that I’m aware of (through NAMI and other support agencies) and from everything I’ve read about it, it’s terrible.
Currently my son lives with me. It’s not going so well- it really sucks actually. He will “pick and choose” which medications he will take each day, and it’s just not an environment that he needs in order to get stable and move forward in his life. He has a diagnosis of schizo-effective and aspergers. Group homes will not be a good fit for him. He needs 24/7 structure in a facility that he can’t “just leave”, that includes treatment plans, therapy, etc.
I appreciate any suggestions.

Hey Modi. I’m sorry it’s not working out. Sounds like your son makes for a fairly tough case too. I’m not familiar with NC specifically and if you’ve already Linked in resources through NAMI I’m not sure that I’ve any real or better advice here, but I’m curious as to what makes you sure that a group home wouldn’t be good? Is it not enough support or monitoring? The residential homes I worked in all administered meds by us staff. Of corse, nobody can force anybody to take meds wether they’re in a group home or in a facility either way. People’s individual protected rights gives everybody the right to refuse, unless you have a court order from a judge. If coverage is your concern, have you considered getting him on disability? Some disability programs cover housing in state run group homes. Options there likely depend and vary state to state though. Good luck. I’m routing for you guys. Hope you are able to find a stable more pleasant way of life for both of you! Let us know how it goes.

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The one team that comes to see him (if he will answer the door) said that the group homes in our area would not be a good fit for him; that he’s too high functioning and needs a lot of support.
And this might sound weird, but I have an extra bedroom in the house and thought about (basically begging at this point!) someone to move in and just pay for their food, to help with providing structure, and therapy for him- take him to appointments, etc. And be a friend to him too. Guess I’m just tired. And not sure if that’s really a smart idea either.

Thanks again for your suggestions. I contacted his team again this morning, and inquired about a group home, and one of the people suggested a group home that is more “medical” that just opened up. So they are finding out about availability for my son, and then we will need to convince him that this is the way to go to move forward. It’s become a “dis-service” for him to live with me right now, and I think he would get more stable, etc. if he was living somewhere where he could have monitoring. So maybe this is the place for him- keeping my fingers crossed!!


Update: Unfortunately things have taken a turn for the worst and I had to have my son involuntarily committed this morning. This is the 3rd hospital visit in 3 months. My heart is breaking and for the first time in a very, very long time I feel hopeless. He really needs to go to the state hospital for long term treatment and they have a waiting list. I can’t manage him any longer and that’s tearing me up inside too. So please pray that the local hospital will be able to transfer him directly to the state hospital so he can get the care he needs. Thanks.