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Dismissal soon, what are my options?

MY 37 y.o. son has a dual diagnosis and is currently in a drug rehab program. In my rural area there just are no small group homes for those w/ mental health issues and especially those with drug issues. A larger city four hours away can provide this. My son is very family oriented and moving so far away would be hard for him. He and I are very close. He could manage fairly well near home with some assistance. If he cooperates with me (I am his guardian and conservator) and takes his medications. But based on past experience cooperation only lasts a short time. Any suggestions from anyone?! Has anyone had experience with small group homes that have a ‘Housemother’ overseeing the patient/client. How about being several hours away from your schizophrenic family member, how well does that work.?

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Yes and yes, those are all good options. Caring for yourself is so important but it is easy to lose sight of that in the midst of crisis.
For us having our son live close to us seems best but everyone is different and our son isn’t violent right now. Read everything you can about all the options and ask questions. I’ve read the statistics for better outcomes are better if they don’t live with family. Everyone is different and sometimes I feel he’s living in a bubble but we have his best interests in mind.
I’m reading the book"I’m not sick and I don’t need help" again. There are some videos here if you enter that in search. Hang in there.

I am looking for one of those in the Tampa Bay area. My 21 yr old lives with me and I am getting worn out. Can’t seem to find anything that is medicaid covered. Local psych hospital and NAMI don’t have any info. He takes his meds but is very rude and does no household chores which is making so much work for me and I am disabled with fibromyalgia and spinal stenosis. He does not demonstrate he can take care of a household or his cat. He is so isolated I don’t think it would matter if he was a long way from home but that would be another burden on me to visit. I have to lock up milk, cigarettes and anything sweet or he binge eats and throws up…this is so hard. Blessings and prayers to you xoxoxox

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