Completely lost what to do


Hi Diane. Yes, we have a holistic healer in our area, and I heard about her from my daughter. She has scanned 8 people in my family so far, and everyone is very happy with the results. We of course all had different things found in our bodies. You would be amazed as the list of things that will be found in your body, and relieved that a simple detox for each toxin can be easily removed.

I, for instance, love to cut my grass, so my reading revealed that I had been exposed to the rabies virus! Probably from a fox that had urinated on my lawn, and while cutting the grass the dust that I was breathing in entered my body and stayed there. I have no idea what type of effect could come from that, but I have since flushed it out of my system.

She also found parasites in my lungs!!! Ewww!!! I am so very grateful to her most of all though, for helping my son who’d been diagnosed with SZ last year. The toxic black mold exposure was the worst thing for him. He is doing incredibly better now that the mold has been extracted from his brain/body. I wish I had known about this so many years ago. We have all been tortured by his behavior and actions.

I also had our holistic lady send a cradle to my sister in Texas for a reading. She has been suffering from deep depression for years, so have I. She is still doing her detox, but told me yesterday she feels better and better everyday!




I agree with the others. Its important you keep repeating that he threatened to kill you and that he has attempted to and to cause injury. And that you will not accept him back unless he’s agreeable to take his meds and stay on them (after he can show that he will). Thats if you do want to take the chance in allowing him back with you. My husband’s doctor and also the police told me that I need to say these things do they can and/or have to keep him. Otherwise (at least in Hawaii) they can’t hold him against their will. I’m so sorry you are going through this and thankful you are safe now.


Okay GSSP…when you only show that portion of my comment, it does sound a bit silly. Perhaps I should have used the word ‘exposed’. I have been all around the world, and have been ‘exposed’ to numerous environmental toxins, gasses, parasites, jet fuel, and just weird stuff. I have told you before that I am just sharing my experience as well as the people that I love in an effort to reach out and help someone else who has gone to great lengths to do everything they can to help their mentally ill loved one. I’m sorry you cannot open your mind to try something out of the ordinary. I was very sceptical myself, and really wish I would have been more open to holistic healing years ago. Had my son not gone through his reading and detox, he would either be locked up or dead by now. I’ll be waiting for you to cut and paste something else negative about this comment just like all of my previous ones.


We lived in Michigan for 20 years and our basement was cold and damp. Black mold makes sense and I will check that out so thanks for that info and thanks to all of you who have reached out to me. God Bless


For whatever reason toxic black mold exposure is ignored in the mental health field. I don’t understand this one bit since molds have been on earth forever.


Thank you for the info. I don’t think we’re at that point yet as I can’t even get my son to take Niacin or see a nutritionist. But I am glad to have the information. Much appreciated. My son, does, however, take Chinese herbs that seem to help a bit. He actually left the house yesterday; it looked like he was dropping off a resume. Things could get interesting.


I would love to have my son tested. He used to have a bedroom in our musty basement. He hates us (his parents) and won’t speak to us anymore though. Maybe if that changes, we could suggest this. He says he will never take an antipsychotic again. This gives me some hope.


Lmr, try to explain to him that he deserves to live a happier life, and that the test is non invasive. All he has to do is to place his hand on what looks like a computer mouse, which is called a cradle, and it’s as easy as that. He doesn’t even need to leave the house. This can be done remotely, if he is fearful of leaving his comfort zone. Please don’t give up on him, and he doesn’t really hate you and your husband/wife. He hates his situation and probably feels doomed by it. I wish I could say that this was a cure, but that would be misleading, and I am not sure that it is. I only can tell you that it worked wonders for my son, and I wish to God someone had told me about it when he was seeing doctors in elementary school. He is now 23, he is working, and unfortunately he has 2 children to take care of now, but those beautiful children are a great motivator for him to get up each day and go to work.

My son also refused to take his medications. He hated taking pills. We did try Invega injections, which left a lump in his arm. That worked for a while, but as the lumps remained in his arm each time he was injected, he decided he no longer wanted to do that anymore.

The toxins that were trapped in his body wreaked havoc on his brain. My husband thought he was just being a brat, but I wouldn’t give up on him. I knew it had to be something else, because we had such a close connection in his earlier years, and for him to now have no problem hurting me just didn’t make sense. It just wasn’t who he really was, and I had to think outside of the box to find something else that would actually work since his stay at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, and Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore, along with countless emergency room visits got him absolutely no where. Such a shame and a waste of time, effort, energy, money, and could have ultimately taken his life. I have lost all trust in psychiatrists and psychologists. They have to be aware of this technology by now, and it is affordable, easy, and once the detox begins for whatever each person is suffering from, that person can start feeling better within a day!!!

Sorry this is so long. I am very passionate about Zyto, and how it has helped my son as well as my own major depression.

Good luck to you and your son, Lmr…


Its a scam:


FDA warning letter to ZYTO:


Unfortunately there is no scientific support for this belief. Unless you have unlimited amounts of money so can spend money on anything - you’re probably going to get better results with things that have some scientific support vs. things that are just promoted by random people who have no healthcare / science training.

Here are some resources on this topic:


I am really sorry you feel that way, GSSP. I’m not going to argue with you about this. I have only been providing my experience with this technology in an effort to help others. I’m sure they are capable of making up their own minds. I gotta tell you though…detoxing feels great compared to taking a ton of pills everyday. I still take zoloft for my major depression, but my own cleansing has removed a good number of toxins that my body was hanging onto, and I feel awesome as a result! It wouldn’t hurt for you to give this a try. It’s not like it’ll cost you thousands of dollars or anything like that. You have nothing to lose.


The nice thing about getting a ZYTO reading is that you can do a before and after to see where you were and where you are at after the detox. Having done it myself, I know it works. And you don’t need unlimited amounts of money to do this either. On the other hand, continuing on with life visiting doctor after doctor without any results is a waste of ones life, time, efforts and money. Mental illness is a money maker for the pill pushers.


I have a feeling after having shared my experience with everyone here that I am about to be banned from this site. I’m going to disappear just like so many of the holistic healers when the big pharmaceutical companies find out about them. Why is it so difficult to understand or believe that something as simple as having toxic black mold exposure can be the reason why a person is psychotic or Sz? Just boggles my mind…


Hey man, a butt flush would be more fun and more beneficial… LOL


@RBaker - Don’t go away! I absolutely believe this helped and can possibly help my son. All I had to do for myself was start taking supplements for various things and it helps immensely. I’ve also had spoken with an energy worker from MI and I’m in CO and she was the one who recommended the supplements that I take. She’s done some work on my son but he won’t take what she advises. I am certainly going to talk to my son about the black mold and scan as he was in a basement that likely had mold in it. I just have a few questions. Is the zyto scan of just the hand the full body scan that your son got? I believe your sister had the hand scanner shipped to her. Will Dee Kline do this? What did she give your son to flush the black mold out? Was it something she gave you or something you can purchase at a store. I’m absolutely open to this. As I mentioned earlier the Chinese Herbs my son took really helped him and another friend’s son, who is bi-polar. I just got him to start taking those again (thankfully). But hey - I’m in Boulder - we’re all about the alternative options here. Except, the pot - don’t get me started on that - that really pushed my son over the edge and I used to be pro-pot - had no idea it could bring out psychosis. Thanks for your help! Diane


There is nothing wrong with supplements, hell I take them, its the Zyto crap listed above that he is promoting… Dont be suckered into thinking that when you place your hand on this thing it will tell you what supplements to take. It is total garbage rip off.


Thanks for your reply. I know some are saying this is a scam but I would still try it. I would try anything to get my son back. He is 31 now and we feel so hopeless. I am his mom and we were always close too. Now he only says mean hurtful things to me. I am his rep payee for his disability and he despises me because of that. I dread the holidays coming because he won’t be with us and he will be all alone.


He is actually a she…my name is Rose. Do you believe in lie detector tests? Biotechnology has been used for years, and is becoming more and more important within law enforcement and the medical field. It isn’t crap, GSSP. Do a little research and learn about it. You have nothing to lose, and plenty to gain from this technology.