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Completely lost what to do


Same here, Lmr. And I truly feel as though I went into the depths of hell and pulled my son out of Satan’s hands. It was that bad. I made my son a promise when he was born that I would always be there for him, and I have kept it. Even when my own life was in danger.

Why won’t your son be with you for the holidays?


I wish you wouldn’t make fun of the seriousness of mental illness, GSSP. I am curious as to why you are so against removing toxins from the body and brain. Some folks are more sensitive to these things than others, and are suffering as a result.

Toxic mold can cause you to become crazy and schizophrenic…



@RBaker, you will have to forgive us, some of us indulge ourselves with some humor occasionally.

The old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” possibly justifies some of us needing humor breaks.

There was a time when I hadn’t really laughed in years - I don’t want that to happen again. Now I am laughing to myself because the idea that any of us have dull lives - ack! A dull life can sound pretty good at times around here.


I am so sorry you are in this situation, I know it can’t be easy for you. These symptoms are very similar to what my uncle has/is experiencing. He is 49 and lives/has always lived with my 72 year old grandma. He eventually had an episode and put a gun to his girlfriends head (didn’t harm her). In-patient treatment in a mental hospital near you would be the best option for him.


Diane, I am so sorry for not responding sooner to your question about what flushed the toxic black mold out of my sons system. He initially was diagnosed by the Amen Clinic in Reston VA through an expensive spec scan of his brain. His whole brain lit up, which indicated to them that there was a presence of this mold. I then had to pay an additional $700 to have a test ran at a lab in TX to confirm this was actually toxic black mold exposure, and it was. His doctor then prescribed Modifilan, which is a brown seaweed extract. This extract through time, pulls toxins out of the body via urination or defecation.

The holistic person gave him Physica Neuro Tox, of which he took 3 drops 3x a day, Physica Mycoplasma Tox 3 drops 3x a day, and Physica Pregnenolone once a day.

Of course, everyone has different needs, so it’s best to get your own body scan to find out what toxins are in your body, or in the person who needs this type of help the most.

I would love to hear from anyone who has done this and has benefited from it.


The term “Toxic Black Mold” has absolutely no scientific validation.

Everyone is exposed to mold every day… No big deal…

read what the CDC says:



It’s a big deal to people who are sensitive to it, and their bodies are not able to rid themselves of it without detox.



At least L Ron was honest or forced to be honest and I bet this crap device you are recommending has some small print on it like this:


Please don’t disapear from this site. I have started following you on the site and am very interested in your perspective, as I tried to note in my past response. We are all “out there” on this site and in our lives. This illness forces us to look at everything and anything and to find answers that we can flow with, travel with, instead of standing helplessly stuck with our loved one. that is what love is about. Keep working with YOUR experience of your son and of his past and present. No one else knows him like you do. Do not let others discount the wisdom of your experience. It is quite obvious that no one else has that to offer. You are offering your whole being to this effort and THAT empathy has helped you find answers for you and your family. I am on a rampage at this point about others who take our intuition about things and turn it against us, ‘gaslighting’ us into not trusting ourselves - especially as mothers who have watched and tuned in to our loved ones our whole lives. Maybe its just the metaphor that works maybe its more - but you are tuning in to something that has truely assisted all of your family. Best wishes.


Sorry I have been too busy to check back. Did NV transfer your son? When my daughter was there they said they could not transfer unless I paid the ambulance bill. I would love to know how it all worked out. I hope well.


HE WAS ORDERED FOR 6 MONTHS OF TREATMENT BUT A DOCTOR RELEASED HIM ACCIDENTLY. Ooops sorry had cap lock on. Anyway he came home and has been placed on 2 different 5150 holds. He is presently waiting for a bed to open up for much needed treatment.


Caps appropriate for that sentence. I am so sorry that happened.


Up date on son
Since being discharged from a mental health facility, my son has not recovered from his psychosis. He has been taking his meds plus injection, sees two doctors,eats well and sleeps either a lot or not at all. He gets angry and sometimes threatening but-knock on wood- not violent. The doctor wants to try clozapine but the monitoring requires lab tests which he won’t go to.
His psychosis has lasted 6 plus months now and I am concerned that this will be the way he will always be from now on.He also has different voices he uses when he is in conversations with himself.There are 3 of him who live in different dimensions. I haven’t seen much of my son emerging during this time. I wonder if he is still there hidden inside himself


I think he’s still there, deep inside himself.

I’m so sorry the medication is not working right now. My family member was very ill with psychosis for three years with four psychotic breaks. It took a few months for the meds to start really working (court ordered after fourth break) and then it was slow going, then a med change, so really about ten or eleven months.

One thing that really helped was classes and groups.

I hope they find a way to really help your son.

Thank you for updating us.


I’m sorry, the meds are not working but they might be keeping him from harming himself or others. Is he seeing a therapist? Anyone who could help him to just try the Clozapine? Would he get on the consumer part of this site for support?


He refuses to admit he is ill. His therapist wants him on clozapine but medication has to be monitored so taking him to the lab would be impossible. I have tried to explain this site and encouraged him to at least log on and scroll through but no luck.Basically, I’m at a dead end. His therapist recommends guardianship but how could I enforce him to get in the car for lab tests on a very frequent schedule. My son is big and there isn’t any way that I could get him into our car, nor force pills down his throat.He can get violent and extremely foul mouth, The idea of getting guardianship looks great on paper but not reality.I will still try to get guidianship because this looks like the only option we have left. What happens if they don’t comply?


Cfromm, social workers and doctors just kept telling me the same thing which was take him to the hospital. Therapist wanted to help but doctors were not available each time (and his willingness to see them) to adjust meds was such a problem. We really had no choice and had all the same concerns as you. Guardianship can help to a certain point.

I’m hoping the ACT program which comes to him will help. It is too early to tell but I am hopeful. It had been offered before but he refused it. This time he said ok.

It is a team approach to care and is a cost saving measure as well. One of their goals is to help them with their illness and to become more independent. This seems huge right now but it is a long term program. I will meet them and share what I learn. They are starting visits at the hospital.

I was honest with his social worker and I think she listened. It was nothing I can say I did except persistently wanting to get help for my son.

What happens if they don’t comply? How many of us have asked that same question. I think someone besides us steps in (judge perhaps) to make them comply or they end up on the streets and incarcerated and into that system.

You are doing all you can. I will pray we all get guidance and a solution that gives us all hope. Meanwhile take care of yourself to the best of your ability.


Hi DianeR! I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I wish you well, and I hope that your son is open to detoxing. It may or may not make a difference in his life, but what can it hurt to try? Or even to find out what toxins may be causing his behavior?
I am leaving this site, as I do not see the point in being on here and not being allowed to share what has been working for my sons schizophrenia/psychosis, and I was being ‘punished’ for 7 days after I shared the Zyto technology with you all. I suppose the administrator felt that I was trying to sell or promote this product as if I were getting paid to do so, but in reality, I only wanted to share my personal experience and that of my sons with you all in an effort to help someone else. This illness is horrible, and when anyone finds a way to help without medication, I mean…what the heck? I will continue to talk to others whenever I get the opportunity. Keeping this to myself is selfish in my mind.
Admin, please remove me from this site. I don’t see where I can do that. Thank you, and much luck to you all.