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Feeling lost and helpless

My fiance, and father of my child has been in a deep dullision since christmas if last year. His delusions jumps from me to the neighbors the To random people on the street when he is out by himself. I have felt so helpless lately. He has told me he doesnt love me and firmly believes he is ok and happy that he just needs to keep the “evil people” away. He was taken a week ago on a 72 hr hold and i and his family were hopeful he would get some help. They gave him seroquel to settle him and just sent him home.

I was disappointed they didn’t keep him longer. As I sit here writing this he is talking to himself in circles jumping from topic to topic and it hurts me. I wish there was a way to help him. He is an adult and won’t allow anyone to go to his doctors with him. In my opinion his dr only cares for the money and not to get him on the right meds to start to calm the delusions.

ITS ROUGH…right now…

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My heart goes out to you and I am sorry you have to go through such pain. Schizophrenia is a horrid illness and we the caregivers suffer with heartache and pain as we watch our love ones deteriorate. There are times when tears just flow out of my eyes as my son cusses me out or his actions become destructive.
Several types of meds have been given to my son but none even the injections have taken him out of his psychosis that has been ongoing for a year now. Four hospitalizations each 14 to 21 days made him slightly better but he slipped right back.
Hang in there. It is tough I know but there is support for you especially here in this forum. Best wishes for you and your fiance


first was abilify and now risperdal 400 mg every 3 weeks plus 3mg twice a day orally

He also had injections of invega then he was on abilify . Injections have been given to him since 2015 as he is not med compliant and requires hospitalization to stabilize