Court order meds

My husband was court ordered to take his meds. He did for awhile but now he refuses. He gets mean and soemtimes violent when he is off his meds. I am stuck on what to do. I have begged him to take his meds and he will for a few days and then he stops. I am lost because either way i lose if I take it in ny own hands and notify the authorities or his mother then he will divorce me but if i dont then his health is at risk.

Are you more worried that he will hurt you or divorce you? When he is on his meds does he threaten to divorce you?

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Hello @Candcr02 and welcome to this site. You will find support and compassion here. I want to point out that if your husband gets violent off of his meds, that it is your health that is at risk also, not just his. You need to take action to protect yourself if he directs violence toward you.

My adult daughter, who lives with me, was court ordered onto meds, I had to call the authorities or go to court several times to ensure she stayed on meds, She was upset at me each time the police came or she was hospitalized, however, it was the only way she stayed on her meds. A long term injection was what worked as she wouldn’t stay on her pills.

Good luck.