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Covid and delay of getting help

Every day this is getting worse. (SZ) I called lifetime for a mental home evaluation. They are so backed up 48 plus hours. Besides my fiance has a way of turning this manic behavior on and off like a switch. Master manilipator. He has been talking for days and all night for a weeks. He talks (or yells, screams, laughs and music blasting like a defiant teenager) all day and night. Right now its 4:35am and he will not be quiet enough for me to sleep. He will keep talking and then all of a sudden start snoring but just for 1-2 hours and starts all over again. He locks himself in a bedroom and smokes non stop. He opens the bedroom windows and it is only in the teens out. He taped all of the registers in the bedroom so no heat or (poisonous gasses) can be pumped in. Only eats sealed food and with his long hair and long unruly beard look just like Charles Manson. I told him so and he told me the he was not a bad person. Wow! No meds not even OTC meds. I recently signed up to my local NAMI family to family via skype, which will start next week. I dont know how much more I can take. I try to ignore him and leave for awhile but while I’m gone I’m a nervous wreck no knowing what he might do! I told him if he disnt like it here to leave but I know he has nowhere to go. Plus with Covid and it’s so cold that there isn’t much to do. He does nothing all day so he’s not tired but I still have to function. Sorry I’m jumping all over the board bit I’m so tired. :frowning: and he still talking. I dont know why if the voices are talking to him in his head…why does he have to communicate with them out loud??? He wont watch tv but listens to music then talks to it more than listens to it and the louder he puts it the louder he gets! He likes to intimidate and threaten me and I recently got a pepper spray kit in case. A friend of mine recently was attacked by his son (SZ) and it was very bad. His son is now in jail and probably never going to be with his family ever again so when I heard this it made me more anxious than ever.

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I am so sorry you are going through this. I really hope the NAMI sessions help you. I know it’s hard to see the future right now but you are looking at more of this for your future. Is there family he can go to? Is there family you can go to ? You mention you are engaged and not married. I tell you from experience that being married to a schizophrenic is not a good life, and will be more of this, what you are now experiencing and even more. If you choose this life you will need all the support you can get. And you will need to keep yourself safe first.


One word of advice. Leave.

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Please go to your county court. Tell them you need to speak to the individual that handles the court ordered mental health treatment cases. Meet with this person and get the mandated treatment order. Once complete, they will send the police to pick him up and take him to a mental health facility.

This is the best gift you can give him and yourself. Treatment is not an option. It is mandatory!
He needs a competency eval and if deemed unable to care for himself then the court can appoint a legal guardian and conservator.

One day when my brother who has schizophrenia was initially manifesting symptoms of the disease, I received a call from his girlfriend. She told me about his behaviors, the demands he was placing on her, and the stress it was causing both of them. I instructed her to stop the relationship and run as fast as she could in the opposite direction. She did just that. This was my gift to her! My brother became more and more gravely disabled over time and I am now his guardian and conservator. I have no regrets about my decision to save her! I hope she has had a wonderful life!

I do not know you but if you need me to give you permission to run the other direction, I will! His family of origin should step up to the plate and swing the bat. If someone will, then have them access the county adult protective services to get help for the situation.

Hopefully, you have some social supports and money to start over somewhere else. I know how hard it is to deal with the guilt! I have felt it throughout his illness in numerous ways.

Luckily, god gave me the patience, strength, and courage to help him over the past 35 years. Maybe, he also has a strong sister?

I am deeply sorry for your loss!