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Husband can't see that he is ill

Hi. I am new here. My husband and I have been married for 19 years and have an amazing son together. This past March when our county went on lockdown because of the virus, my husband lost his job and the stress sent him deep into psychosis. He has not yet been diagnosed with schizophrenia because he cannot see that he is not well. He has delusions where he thinks people are after him which caused him to think we are not safe in our home. Besides that, he is aggressively demeaning towards me and our son, but mostly me, and after enduring the emotional abuse for about 6 months, I called the paramedics to try to get him help. He is very good at hiding his illness, though and so they did not take him. I know I could have him involuntarily committed but I’m afraid that won’t help him because he already has a negative view against psychiatrists and medications. I no longer allow him in our home because it usually ends in his delusions causing him to lash out at me. I love him and want him to get better so that he can come home to me and my son, but I really am at a loss as to how I am to convince him to seek help. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I hate to know that so many people actually have to deal with the same things that my son and I have been dealing with but it is also a great comfort that we are not alone. My heart goes out to all families dealing with a loved one’s mental illness


Hi there - your post sounds very similar to my mom. I wish I could help you outside of just saying you are not alone!!! I feel like I have been living in a nightmare as my mom has also developed psychosis which I believe was brought on by the stress of COVID, riots, and then she had her whole kitchen remodeled which turned her life upside down for 6 weeks.

She was involuntarily committed and spent 3 weeks in a psychiatric hospital where they were able to get her symptoms under control - well she’s been home and she weaned herself off the medicine because there is nothing wrong with her :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3: So we are right back to where we started.

This is so frustrating. I feel your pain.

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I’m also struggling with this as well. I’m also new here, been married 16 years and dealing with his illness for one year.

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Hello, your post is so similar to my own experience. I’ve been married 14 years and we have a 7-year-old daughter together. My wife’s psychosis started three years ago and she was sectioned in summer 2019 but still refused to accept she was ill. After going off her meds at the start of lockdown, the psychosis has returned and we have needed police involvement three times. But, just like your husband, she can hide her symptoms very well, so she hasn’t been committed again.
I’m also finding it so hard to convince my wife she is ill and she totally refuses to accept it. I’m just trying my best to avoid conflict as it upsets our daughter but that’s impossible as she is only calm whenever things go the way she wants them to.
The only advice I have is to stay in contact with the doctors, social workers, etc and try the best to come up with some kind of plan. At the moment, it just feels as if I’m waiting for the next major flare-up and police involvement again.
The rules on forced treatment are very frustrating and I feel they should be changed. Unfortunately, there is very little we can do.
Just try to enjoy the small moments in life that you can. Try to make time to do things by yourself that you enjoy. That’s the only thing I can think of as I have found dealing with this whole process made me quite joyless. Try to watch comedies to cheer yourself up from time to time. That has worked a little for me


I’m so sorry you are going through this. I know how scary it must be for you. I’m in a similar situation with my sz husband who thinks the fbi and cia are out to get him. I’ve separated from him and in the past have allowed him to visit for occasions such as holidays and birthdays and such, but because of recent behaviors I’ve had to tell him he can’t be here. He just called and asked if he could come for Christmas and I’m really on the fence. He’s doing much better but still has no insight, and has trouble controlling his episodes. I’m thankful there are other spouses like us that we can talk with.

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