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Dad with sz


Hi everyone!
Who else here has a dadstrong text diagnosed with sz?


I have Sz, my Dad is fine, I just wanted to say welcome to the forum.


My father heard voices and had delusions that somebody poisoned his coffee.


My dad deals with depression and anxiety. Mental illness runs in the family. He believes in aliens and mows crop circles in the lawns and fields for them to land. So he’s definitely a strange man.


Yep, my dad has the same delusions. How did you handle this when you were a kid??
@skims also thanks for the reply. I know that I’m not alone but it’s good to see others here that are in the same boat!! :slight_smile:


When we were little we’d believe him. Then as we got older we’d egg him on. Now we just laugh about it. The scary thing is at a family reunion he and his 7 siblings were reminiscing about an incident where lights lit up there farmhouse at night and they all swore it was aliens.


My mom is but not my dad. and I’m pretty sure I have bipolar. It would be harder I think having a dad who has schizophrenia because many dads take on financial responsibilities. My mom cant but my dad still can because he’s not.


Yes my mum is the one that works indeed. My dad has pos + neg symptoms.