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Dates the moon will be closer in 2017

We have noticed that our 35 year old son can be in a relatively good place (for someone unmedicated suffering from scz) and can suddenly have intense psychosis kick in. People have suggested strongly that this can be tied to the cycles of the moon. We have begun to suspect it may be true for our son.

In doing the lightest bit of research regarding moon cycles, I discovered that the closest the moon will be to the earth this year was May 26. My son’s current, really, bad episode started in late May.

These are the dates when the moon will be close for 2017.

January 10
February 6
March 3
March 30
April 27
May 26- This was the closest it will be all year.
June 23
July 21
August 18
September 13
October 9
November 6
December 4

Is closest different from the full moon?

Must not be. When I looked it up it says the next full moon is July 9th so maybe this is a different thing? Will be paying attention to it in July because I suspect it does affect my son too.

Looking back at my notes, I summarized this, centering on the May 26th date

5/19 - was doing OK, got a 234 mg shot of Invega Sustenna
5/23 - uptick in symptoms - continued to get worse day by day until he went inpatient on 5/31.

He was so up & down before that, so I’ll just pay attention from here on out.
But, that one was a dramatic change.

I’m glad I saw this post because June 23 is coming up, and he’s doing pretty well right now on the Clozapine.
If he goes off the rails a little bit next week, I can blame it on the moon.

Yes it is different. I found it to be significant because when it does happen, my son always gets worse before the full moon occurs. The full moon always follows the start of bad psychotic episodes for my son.

I plan to pay attention the best I can with him not here in the house with me. We know the moon and the earth’s gravity play a role in daily tides. I need to do more tide research also. HIs worst episodes have always started before a full moon. How long they last once started may not have anything to do with the moon at all.

In 2016 the closest time for the moon was in November. I know my son had his last severe episode in November. When he finally came out of that episode, he signed up for a therapist to help him grocery shop for himself. Not because he was better, but because during that episode he began to believe that I was poisoning him in his groceries.

This May/June moon has brought about accusations from him that we are sexually abusing and cyberbullying him - the first we have heard of these accusations.

Just saying.

it may have some truth to it.
My son has not being doing well since May 20 & getting more and more paranoid. I had to take to ER 2 days ago because he could not sleep and wanted to confront my roommate and tell him bad words so his stomachache will go away.
My roommate called him mentally ill like 10 days ago but I spoke to my roommate and ask him to avoid my Son and not to address him as mentally ill.
for the last 4 days, My roommate was kind of locked in his room after coming back from work.
it has been very uneasy situation.
my Son keeps on saying that the damage is done and he wanted to confront my roommate to feel better. he wanted me to kick him out and he said that he cannot stand him in the house.

when we went to ER, I did ask the doctor to admit him to mental hospital and told him about all the delusional things he has been experiencing like: he thinks his skin is decaying, his arms are skinnier and his belly is getting bigger and his skin has brown spots all over… and there is a chip in his ear and he thinks he needs brain surgery.

but doctor still thinks that my son is not symptomatic and he said he would not admit to hospital against his will and it would be cruel to admit him since he not was showing any symptoms.

I was really frustrated since I got the 90 days emergency guardianship toward the end of May and cannot enforce treatment. it is like the doctor does not believe me. My son is very manipulative and convincing when he talks to doctor. he takes the meds when he is in Hospital. When we get home, he argues with me over and over until my head hurts that he is not sick and does not need the meds…

Now, my only option to get a court order for Involuntarily commitment which I cannot do before next appointment date of Tuesday June 20. but my son may leave to California since he has to appear at May 26 for a Court violation.
I know if he goes to California, he will for sure will be non-complaint on Meds.
he took his meds for the last 3 days but now, he wants to stop.

I feel I am just patching up a cut/scrape with temporary band aid and wait until it gets worse and patch it up again.

sorry about this long report.

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hi caar2016,

Thanks for your update, I wish it were better news. So very frustrating. My son can be very convincing also so I do understand your frustration. Amador says they learn to work the hospital system as a way to get released.

In checking around the world wide web, there just isn’t any science to back lunar issues up. While I tell myself there isn’t any science to it, I realize we are talking about an illness that doesn’t have much science to it either.

I read the article about Tom Insel. He was confronted by a parent who told him “he didn’t get it” The parent explained and I fully understand where the parent comes from with this thought. The parent said something like this “you are telling us about the chemical composition of the paint while our house is on fire”.


I love that - it’s perfect.