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Daughter is now living in a woman's shelter

Some of you may remember that my daughter was living in a group home. She lived there for nearly 7 months but recently was kicked out because she attacked one the workers. She is not allowed in any of the group homes that her mental health provider have. She was then placed in a hospital and has been there for over a month and today she was moved to a woman’s shelter. Her mental health care provider are wonderful and caring people and are trying to find her a single room in a hotel where the provider have other clients. They will continue to provide her services and support.

I feel such deep sadness for my daughter and the terrible suffering she’s had to endure ever since she developed a mental illness and I also feel numb. How much more suffering does she have to endure. My heart is broken and I can’t make it better for her. She’s in my prayers all the time and what I’m praying for is a cure or much better medicine. The medicine have helped and also poisoned her body. Nothing works.

Oh no, Molly, I am so sorry to hear your daughter does not have stable housing right now. I hope the shelter has services and that her providers find a good room for her as soon as possible.

You and she are in my prayers. My eyes filled with tears when I read what happened.

Thank you for updating us; I hope you are able to care for yourself through this. I know you need to be strong for your grandchildren. Hopefully you have a safe place to feel your sadness and heartbreak. Even if you just give yourself five minutes a day to feel whatever, however you need to…


So sorry for your family. We all hope some better meds without the bad side effects will be discovered. It is so hard to see our innocent loved ones suffer for no fault of their own. You have to try to stay strong for her and the rest of the family. My prayers are with you.


Our children have such a rough journey, its so difficult for us to watch. I am so sorry.


We hurt just as much. My 18 year old grandson called me today. He lives in Israel with his father (worst situation ever). He does nothing. However, today he told me he would like to learn something. I’m going to do a search to see if they have vocational schools for his situation. He was speaking well - answered yes when I asked if he is on meds. Yes, our hearts are heavy. We want every loved one in our family to be a functioning adult without “garbage.”


It is so very difficult and heartbreaking. I am so sorry this is happening.

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Thank you all for your kind words of support.