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My daughter toni

my daughter as i stated ,they threw her out of apt, and put her in the park with her wheelchair, and some clothes. my granddaughter called , i got into car and was going to bring her back to my house, police were there and calling ambulice, they put her into the hospital, my granddaughter called adult protective org. went to talk with her, she will be going to a mental hospital and i am hoping that they can help her with med, and other talks,im so relieved that she wont be another homeless on the street. tomorrow ,we will hauling out her furniture and belongings, , . my granddaughter dont know what i do without her…goog luck everyone , it so hard to be a part of this disease ,but we who love them are trying. god has a special place just for us caregivers,. stay strong… may god give you a peace of heart,


I’m sorry for all the stress you are going through. Hoping your daughter gets excellent treatment at the hospital and that they give her meds that work. @pauline does adult protective services help?

thank you for your kind words, yesadult protective services did help finally, they were mad that she was left at the park, and said she wouldlnt leave the hospital until they found a place where she could be safe, later they went to see her at the hospital and decided to place her into the mental hospital. she is suppose to be leaving to go there this week sometime…