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Denver Colorado Invega injection help


My son and I are moving to the Denver area in October. He currently receives an injection monthly of Invega. I have called over 20 places to try to find someone who can administer this injection. From private Psycharists, to clinics, to drug stores, even the Colorado Crisis Service and no help. I guess in Colorado Mental Health facilities are not receiving enough funding. Not enough doctors and too many patients. So sad.


This is a problem here in Kentucky also. I tried a walk in clinic, immediate care, seven counties (most rude) and finally made an appointment with our primary caregiver. It has to be an appointment but they were wonderful with my son. Persistence paid off. I thought no wonder people fall through the cracks and are on the street if it’s this hard with an advocate to get thei shots. Good luck


Have you tried calling the NAMI Denver office to see if they can recommend someone? They should be able to I would think:


That was the first phone call I made!! Their recommendations were to call Colorado Crisis. Very disappointed in both and NAMI has been so helpful here in Tennessee.


Wow - that is very disappointing. I hope the Colorado Crisis center can help.


I went to and found their contact info, then called them and they gave me the number of Jansen Connect, who the said can tell you where to get Invega Sustenna in different areas. That number is 877-524-3579.


Hi Rosebuds,
Call Jansen Connect, who can assist you in finding out where to get Invega Sustenna in your area. That number is 877-524-3579.

I was given this information by calling the number listed on


THANK YOU for going to the effort to get this number for me. I will definitely give this person a phone call. This is what is so great about this website and section for parents/caregivers. :))))


I called and the doctor my son is currently seeing has to complete an enrollment form. The first page of the enrollment form is an actual prescription for Invega. Some states have pharmacies that can administer this injection and that would be the information they could provide and give to me.
HOWEVER… Colorado does not have any pharmacies that can give this injection. I guess is varies from state to state. :(((


That is unfortunate, Rosebud. There is, however, another monthly injection type medication that is as advanced as Invega Sustenna. It was recommended to us, when my son was in another city, and is supposed to have the same benefits and low side affects. I will look through my old papers to find it, and will let you know.

Might I ask - what side affects your son experiences since being on Invega.

And yes, this online support group or whatever it is called is so wonderful. I am so happy I found it a couple of days ago. It feels so good to be in touch with others on the same path, to share what I have that can assist others, and to learn from others, and also it just feels good to be in touch with you.




I called them, and they said something about your doctor where you are leaving being able to recommend for Denver. Did they go into this with you? If not, call and ask them.


They did… I do not have a problem with a Psycharist prescribing the meds, they just cannot give it, The doctors are a stand alone practice with no nurses or the ability to give injections, all the clinics I have phone say you must be an in patient, they do not do out patient treatment. I did find Compass Health System…they have 3 offices in FL, 1 in SC, and 2 in CO. They can give the injection, but I need to use their doctors, at this point I am thrilled. Again thank you for your research :))


My son has several side effects. Much tiredness, naps morning and afternoons. A lot of weight gain :(, some restlessness and sometimes cannot fall asleep easily. Would love to know the name of the other drug you mentioned. This Invega works SO WELL I hesitate to change anything, very expensive too.


I will find it for you. It might take some days, though.


Good work! I am happy for you!

PS - I will make a note of Compass Health System, in case this comes up with anyone else. Thank you for the info.


Hi Rosebuds,
My son was also on Invega injection. After sending him to his pdoc for the nurse to administer the injection (@ $35 a whack) and never really trusting son to get the actual boxed injection (that I pick up at our CVS pharmacy) to the Pdoc’s office, I taught myself how to administer the shot myself. I used YouTube and watched several nursing instructional videos over and over and also very closely read and reread the instructions inside the injection box.

It worked out great for us, saved me the uncertainty of son completing the trip to his pdoc’s office, saved us money and time, and we did it at our convenience, not the pdoc’s nurse. It’s really not hard, I was just a little nervous the first time. It worked out fine though. One pdoc’s assistants, who my son had seen one time, actually suggested to me that I could easily do that since they did not have a nurse there.


Someone suggested I learn how to give the injection as well. The nurse who gives him the injection showed me how. Gave some things to practice with, but have not yet done so. In Colorado it will be $125 for him to receive the injection. Another Psychiatrist offered to see him for an intake at $850, and his monthly check up with him and receiving the injection was $650. That is just down wrong on every level. So the $125 seems appealing to me at the moment. Is your son still taking Invega and how many mg? My son receives 156mg. Monthly.


Wowee, those prices seem really exorbitant! We live in GA, seems our prices are more reasonable than CO.

My son began with Invega Sustenna 117 mg in May 2014 but it was not strong enough, so it was increased to 156 mg which worked better for him. Then he was switched to Invega Trinza (3 month) 546 mg. Both worked for him fairly well, but neither lasted the full 4 wks for Sustenna, or 3 mos for Trinza.

This past May son decided he was taking his health decisions into his own hands and would no longer take the injection. I was so disappointed. He said he was going on Abilify which never controlled his symptoms in the past. At the same time he started heavier drug use, so he’s been a complete train wreck. Come to find out from pdoc that son never even asked him for Abilify, so son was completely unmedicated.

If you do decide to administer the shot, just remember to shake the medication really well before you put the needle on (I almost forgot one time :anguished: ) and clean your son’s deltoid really well with alcohol, wash hands well and make sure needle is inserted all the way into the muscle.


Wow, that’s great, LoveMySon. I am glad to know that is an option.


LoveMySon, Just in case you can ever get your son back on the injectables, I thought you might want to know that you can ask for the injection sooner. With the one month one, it used to wear off sooner, so they would give it every 3 weeks. They said that was the shortest span that it could be given. Over time, as it built up in his system, it started lasting longer and we started having the injection at 3.5 weeks, then at 4 weeks.