Dinner out for the first time

Hello all just wanted to touch base and let you know how we are doing.
Monday I will start working on first shift and will be able to spend more time with my son,My hope is to get him eating right and getting out more.Tonight he took me to Texas steak house to celebrate and he did real good . He paid and when the waiter brought the receipt he asked where do I sign and the waiter said I have to run your card first then you sign.My son said mom do you ever think you are loosing you memory? I said yes I do but you just have not been out and doing anything but watch tv you have to engage your mind like some word search and do some reading and I will help with that…Also we started a new way to eat I will be cooking now and we can sit down and talk and go walk after dinner…hug to you all

Aww that’s great. Sounds like things are looking up! :thumbsup:

Good to see things are on the up.