Just an update


Just wanted to post this about yesterday… My son and I went to taco bell for dinner as we were in the drive thru we saw a woman walking down the street with a large nap sack on her back and she was dirty and she was talking to her self. I saw my son watching her, I waited to see his response and then he said mom look at her she is talking to her self as we watched she walked on to the grass area and started going thru her bag, I thought she was going to change clothes but she pulled out a bottle of water as she did this she was talking to what looked like 2 different people and laughing, As we pulled off my son said stop the car mom… I said ok and he took 2 of his tacos out of the bag and said call her over here and give this to her .So I did that and she was just so happy she said a gift from a stranger and she just went off rambling, but it showed compassion and empathy from my son and it made my heart so happy, Yes he is not well but he is so much better than he was…Just wanted to let some of you know that we have more good days than bad days…


Nice story. Though that women is probably ignored except for bringing negative attention to herself she has awareness and real feelings too. Good for your son. I like doing stuff like that too and I wish I did it more.


Wow!That was a wonderful story!My son is also struggling and it makes moments like that so special.Thanks for sharing!