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Had a wonderful cook out at my sisters


well, my sister is back with her ex husband and my brother and all his grandchildren and grown children were there and we had a wonderful rib, chicken and smoked salmon caught fresh at the dinner. It was a chance to hug my step dad (dad) and see him. the chemo must be working because he’s his old spirited self or he was last night. first time in eight years I have seen my nephew Jaylon. He is such a great kid, throwing sticks on a garden spider web haha…the spider didn’t like it. anyways, it was a great time, got to see all my brothers and sisters. they had some home made still made moonshine that my younger brother was hitting on but I wouldn’t try it. I know it’s good I should have asked for a jar to take home.


How wonderful. You had an all out Party.


I gave my mom a pumpkin for her dining room table. She really liked it. It was a wonderful party and I could have hung out and watched everybody party but I wanted to get home because it was dark and I get nervous driving in the dark due to badly marked roads between my mom’s and my town.


Was it a live pumpkin or a statue?


live pumpkin I guess one would say…organic real pumpkin with a long stem…looked nice…fair sized, small to medium size. I have another pumpkin but it’s odd colored yellow and green on my table. I love pumpkins and Fall weather.