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Do any of you caregivers suffer from mental illnesses?


I have depression and anxiety. I’ll finally be seeing a psychiatrist next week. Living with my dad does have an affect on my illnesses so one of my goals is to move out.


I do feel so much sadness often because of my family’s health and I do feel anxiety whenever they have psychotic episodes.

I really wish that you take good care of yourself and I hope you update us on how your appointments go


Yes, I have mental illnesses.

I’m glad you have a goal to move out, so your own health can improve with less stress.


I personally don’t have any diagnosis.
I suspect that I have occasional skirmishes with depression since I was about in middle school, but it hasn’t ever stopped me from achieving goals.
So, I choose to keep in mind that as soon as I have trouble with liking myself, doing Wreklus things or spending time with the people close to me, I’ll check in with a doctor about it.
For now, my own coping techniques seem to be working. Based on the evidence, it must be very mild, or imagined.


Thank you so much. You take care of yourself, as well. I will keep you all updated :grinning:


I have PTSD and I always get the winter blues…I see a therapist pretty regularly but the only thing I take as a supplement is an adaptogen called Ashwagandha which helps a lot with my reactions to stress.


Please take care this winter. I’m glad you’ve found something that helps you with stress.


have some depression and it gets worse when my Son is symptomatic.
I do not take anything for it just vitamins like B12 and D3.
I try to walk and exercise and connect with friends when I feel very depressed.
Also, doing more work also helps me to distract my attention from the problem…


No, no known mental illnesses. I see my doctor regularly at the VA hospital (I am a vet), so if they thought I needed a psychologist/psychiatrist I’m sure I would be referred. I do have insomnia. I see a chiropractor and a nutritionist on occassion.


I take B12, D3 and Magnesium also and I think they help.


I have had depression most of my life. I was always able to manage and then after my second child , I started on anti depressants to be able to be a better parent. Now 20 yrs later I have a schizophrenic son, and my youngest now,17 is on Zoloft for anxiety and depression. I feel sad that I may have passed on these genetic markers. It makes me not want to a grandmother.


Update: I was prescribed prozac for my depression and anxiety. Will start taking it tomorrow.


None before this :frowning: been on sertraline for 2.5 yrs though and it helps.


Hope the medication helps!
From what I understand, medicine often won’t do the whole job alone. Keep promoting your positive self-image, and remember that you definitely deserve to feel fulfillment, comfort and security on a daily basis!


I take meds for depression and it has really helped. In college, I had a psychotic break during finals week my sophomore year. I became extremely paranoid about everyone on my dorm floor and thought people were"ganging up" on me and stealing my things. My parents brought me home and took me to a psychiatrist for about a year and then I found a really good job and think my focus on that job is what saved me, honestly.

My daughter who is a junior right now made a comment to me the other day about being very moody and feeling funny. I am keeping a very close eye on her because she puts a lot of pressure on herself to achieve.


Thank you! That’s true, I have to do my part as well.


I’m glad they’ve helped you, and I hope that everything will be ok with your daughter.


No diagnosis other than ADD… but I have wondered if there might be more… my daughter and I are very similar (sometimes so much we are at odds with each other) we do tend to respond to things in similar ways… and I am not very good in social settings, often I am off by myself… . maybe that doesn’t really mean anything at all…


As my afflicted unmedicated sister refuse to communicate with me and I face rejection on daily basis… I’ve been feeling mostly trouble breathing and chest tightness and nausea as I take care of them, their house and run their errands during my visit… It’s really very tough and taken a toll on me… I believe these are anxiety symptoms as I feel a tiny bit relieved whenever I go outside walking or
meet other people outside… my anxiety symptoms might also be accompanied by cigarettes smoking withdrawal symptoms, I’ve been smoking cigarettes for over a decade and decided to quit them right before my visit… I hate bad habits now as I value mental and physical health more than ever…

In the past until recently, whenever family visit times are up and I travel back home, I enjoy being back to my comfort zone instantly and I have lots of joy doing my own things and go out with my friends etc then I reach the time where I’m reminded of unwell family members then I switch back to symptoms of depression and anxiety…

I’m planning/trying to stay with my afflicted family members for one more month, I look forward to going back home after that but I’m fearing my happiness there won’t be complete as I battle the negative thoughts about unwell family and their choices not to medicate…


I have ADD, depression, anxiety and aspergers and my mom has paranoid schizo-affect disorder which is schizophrenia and bipolar. And I am so glad I found this site.