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Struggling with mental health myself

Hi there, lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and I feel that I can’t take care of myself and my own needs. I myself have OCD which has affected me since a very young age. It has affected my daily life where I have intrusive thoughts and I have to do things repetitively which aggravates me and makes me anxious. Having this and taking care of my sister who is now diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia is so difficult because my parents put a lot of pressure on me to try and do things for my older sister as much as possible to help her. Little do they know I am going through things my self with my thoughts, I know they aren’t as close to what my sister is experiencing but it is overwhelming dealing with so much pressure. Any thoughts?

Hi , sorry to hear your troubles ,it must be a lot for you to handle , i think you should speak to a therapist as it will help to talk with someone , also try at least one hour a day to detach from everything and focus on yourself , like going for a walk , yoga , doing your nails or hair , something that will make you happy


Hi Linda, thank you for your suggestions! I will definitely start taking some time for myself even if that means an hour of the day.


Many family caregivers need and seek help for themselves. It is perfectly fine and good to do that if you need it! Someone I know recently suggested this resource (it’s an app) stating that she has several friends using it who love it (although I have NO first-hand knowledge of it): Live Health Online Mobile. I was told that is is very inexpensive (like $20); primary care appointments are free. You can choose your doctors for primary care, therapists, psychiatrists, OB GYN, etc.


Thank you so much for letting me know!