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Do not live in fear

There are many Drs that love and care for patients with SZ, If you can get them to the hospital and in the right place. DO NOT FEAR! YOUR hardest job is to act and do not allow this sickness to take over your RIGHT MIND… ACT.


My son is paranoid schizophrenic and he has psychosis episodes quite often. I’m not afraid that my son is going to hurt me completely I am afraid a little bit. only because I know that he’s got so many things that he’s fighting in his head and he tells me mom can I tell you something without you getting mad at me. And he tells me he’s afraid of what the voices in his head are telling him to do because he said they’re very evil. And sometimes he looks at me as if he wants to hurt me and that scares me a little bit. And he is very controlling he does not allow me to have male figures in my home. if I date anyone or bring someone home he is very aggressive towards them so I keep to myself and most of my friends don’t understand his and they run from him and they run from me so therefore I am completed to just me and my son. And some days I feel like I just can’t take it no more but I love my son so very much. And I cannot have him committed again I petition him three times and each time I petition him he got out and did really good but this time he told me Mom if you could just shoot me again I will hate you for the rest of my life and I will never speak to you again. And those kind of things really hurt my heart because I’ve been a single mom I was widowed when I was 27 and my life has been nothing but my kids I have two girls and my son which is very hard for me because my children are grown and have their own lives and I have lost my mother two years ago and when my mother passed away it seems like my son has just deteriorated emotionally and today he is having an episode and he’s sleeping now but I was pretty scared of some of the things that he was saying. Any advice would help thank you so very much my name is Mardelle.

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I am so sorry you are going through this! Has he ever tried a monthly shot? It sounds as if he needs an increase in medication. I will be sending positive thoughts. You deserve to becsafe, but I know that is easier said than done.

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You have to keep fighting to get the right help and let them stay in the hosptial as if they were a cancer patient . WE HAVE TO FIGHT FOR THEM !