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Do you know how to cancel membership to this site

Does anyone know how to cancel their membership to this site? @Auntie

Hi DianeR,

I looked around and it seems there is no obvious or easy way to cancel. I would suggest contacting the admin. Sorry that Auntie feels the need to cancel.

@LifeIsHard I’ve looked as well. It seems like it should be an easy button to delete ones account. @SzAdmin - Can you help us out. How does one go about deleting ones account? Thanks!

I too would like to know how to remove my information from this website. I’ve repeatedly tried contacting those who “run” this website or are affiliated and have never received a response. Considering the sensitive nature of the discussions that take place here…it is very strange one can’t reach someone and get a response.

My recollection from the DX side of the forum is that it’s often not feasible to completely wipe content from the site when you delete an account without the SZ admin manually allowing you to edit the posts. I don’t believe there is an “easy button” to delete everything because the posts are all linked together and you might unlink a whole thread by deleting an individual post.

Any responses that quote your post aren’t yours to edit either. I have seen various threads on the DS forum where the “handle” of a poster is turned into something generic throughout the threads. This may have happened when the two forums were split, I’m not sure. I’ve only seen this on old posts.

In the DX forum there used to be active moderators who have some of these powers and might be more responsive and knowledgeable. I seem to recall one here, but I haven’t seen her post since I returned after a long hiatus. I think her name was some variant of Barbara, but I don’t remember off the top of my head.

Edit: found the username of the person I believe had moderator privileges at one time: @BarbieBF

Hi, sorry for the slow response. Just traveling on summer vacation. Just ask and we can anonymize your account (this removes all personally identifying info like email address in our system). We can’t delete all the messages because the system makes it very hard to do that as it destroys the flow of message threads and makes them impossible to really read.